Yahoo Smileys List – Normal and Hidden for Yahoo Messenger

Smileys and emoticons are now common in chatting, emailing and messaging. Yahoo messenger have many smileys for chatting and emailing. Below is the list of Yahoo Smileys or Yahoo Emoticons having list of hidden Yahoo Smileys also. They are used to express your different feelings or emotions like anger, love, happy, sad, confused and many more.
There are two ways to use these smileys while chatting, emailing or leaving message; either you can open the Yahoo emoticons list by clicking on Smiley icon or you can also use the shortcut code for Smileys mentioned in the below list.
Yahoo Smileys List Normal and Hidden

Yahoo Smileys or Yahoo Emoticons List with Name and Shortcuts Code:

Yahoo Smileys List Normal and Hidden for Yahoo Messenger

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Hidden Yahoo Smileys List or Yahoo Emoticons With Name and Keyboard Shortcuts Code:

Yahoo Smileys List Normal and Hidden for Yahoo Messenger with shortcut Codes
So now you have a great list of yahoo smileys with lots of normal smileys and hidden smileys. By using hidden smileys you can surprise your friends while chatting on yahoo messenger. The list will always be updated according to the Yahoo. If you love them do not hesitate in sharing through Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

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  • Thanks for reminding me of them again.

  • You are most welcome Avijit Sir. Yahoo time was one of the best and learning phase for us. That was where we both actually began to learn more and more about internet and stuff.

  • Founder@FruitTravel says:

    Good work mate. Seems like this is really a good list. However I guess most of the offices now don't allow Yahoo Messenger. May be you can suggest something for Gmail users ;)

  • Guillaume@smileyfacebook says:

    ;) I am french and I have a blog on the Facebook smiley. A small world... :D I am sorry my English is very bad.

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