Windows XP Installation Music

Have you ever heard about windows xp installation music ? I got it, most chances are a no. I know it might sound wrong when I say this but as a matter of fact Microsoft plays a music while installing windows xp. Yes you got it right, a music is being played in background when you are formatting your computer and trying to install a fresh copy of Microsoft windows xp in your hard drive. Even I laughed and commented on the person who informed me about a song being played when I was installing windows xp and it happened years back when I was a real layman. I know you would not believe it because its strange as windows has no drivers to play it. Until today I have not listened to that music while installation but certainly I can now share the music with you and also tell you the path for the song where you can find it after you have successfully installed windows xp. If you want to listen the music and feel it you can do it by installing windows xp on a virtual machine.
Windows XP Installation Music while Formatting Computer
Windows XP Installation Music while Formatting Computer

The windows xp installation music is located at:


You can either follow the path or you can follow these steps:

1. Click on start.

2. Select run.

3. Type C:Windowssystem32oobeimagestitle.wma

4. The music will be automatically played by your default media player.

If you are about to die without listening the song you can follow this link. It is really nice,relaxing and soothing.
The song runs at 5:20 and it plays twice making it a sixteen minute track. I loved the windows xp installation music and you can too if you are still running the windows xp.


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