When you create your first blog ?

In the present era and according to the current lifestyle to express views a blog is best to be used. A popular blog can help you earn a lot by the help of advertisements. If you want your first blog to be well known and famous then you need to keep in mind few things.

Basic Points to Keep in Mind when Creating Your First Blog:

1.Whatever you post write it from the core depths of your heart
Today there are around 180 Million Blogs over the internet. It is not necessary that people visit each of this blog and read it. People love to visit and read those blogs where they find some unique information and seems native to them.  In whatever field you write you should keep in mind that your post is in touch with the viewers.

2.What you originally are, show that on your blog
Write the truth about yourself on your blog because the people who read your first blog want to know the truth about you. So always be truthful to your blog and visitors.

3.Decide how much to write
First decide your monthly target of posts and accordingly calculate your daily number of posts to be written on your first blog.

Your First Blog Basic Points while Creating it
4.Advertise your first blog
Nowadays if you want to promote anything, social networking websites are the best source to do it. So go ahead and use most of the social networking website to promote your first blog or even advertise your website.

5.Write unique content
Whever you write a post don’t just copy it, steal it or reblog it from other blogs or websites. Rather be innovative and use your own writing skills along with your brain. You can certainly take ideas for topics to write on from things you see around or anything that you read while you are on the go.

6.Track your progress
You need to keep a track of the visitor numbers and which posts are more popular. Use resources available over the internet which are both free and paid. If you keep a track of popular posts you can write more of them to increase traffic.I have just given an overview of what to do when you create your first blog. Some more points will be added as the time passes and will also be individually explained in detail.

This post was last modified on May 2, 2015

GeekNoob :I am a geek computer user, started as a noob blogger, now a problogger. I am always open to knowledge and learning. I don’t believe things until I practically apply them. That is it for now, will keep adding as I come to know myself more.

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