Whatsapp Update : New Whatsapp features functionality

Whatsapp is a messaging application for android and Ios users. Whatsapp Update have been introduced by Whatsapp development day to day due to its popularity. It becomes popular app among other messaging applications in a very less time. With Whatsapp, users can not only share messages but also images, videos as well as make calls free of cost. Soon video calling will be introduced in whatsapp update. Because of all these features, one billion people around the world using this amazing messaging app. This application makes chatting very easy with your loved ones. Whatsapp interface is so easy and user friendly for any age of people. Let’s us know about some of these changes in whatsapp new version.

List of New Features in Whatsapp Update :

1. Starred Messages: In whatsapp update, people get the feature to save messages with starred messages. To use this whatsapp feature, you have to long press the message you want to save for future reference. As you press the message for a minute starred option appears in the top menu, click on it. Now your Whatsapp message is saved. This whatsapp update work as a bookmark or favourite. To see these messages in future, you can go to the starred messages and read them.

2. Chat Backup on Google Drive: If you delete your whatsapp chat history, then it can restore in few steps. The new whatsapp version automatically backup chat logs to the google drive. To check chat logs:
Go to the setting – Chats and Calls — Chat Backup — Google Drive Settings.

3. Easy Way to Clear Chat: If you have backup all your messages in Google drive, then there will be no need to fill up your memory with lots of old messages, images and videos. In new whatsapp update, clear chat becoming an easy process. For this-
Go to menu — settings — chats and calls — chat history — tab on clear chat history.
It will give three options – all messages, messages older than 30 days and messages older than 6 months. Choose one of them according to your need and delete all old whatsapp chat messages simultaneously.

4. Read Unread Whatsapp Feature: In emails to mark read we have to right click the message. In new version of whatsapp, this feature is included. For this you have to select any contact or group chat then long press on it. Now tap on mark as unread. In similar way, you can mark as read or unread any Whatsapp chat without open it. This feature is for you to remind that which messages you have to read when gets time. Sender will know when you read the messages with the blue tick only. If you want to read messages in free time, then this feature is best.

5. Last Seen Feature: Whenever you see any contact then below his name, you see the last seen Whatsapp option. With this feature, you are able to know when the person last time checked his whatsapp. If you want that no one is able to know what time you are login, then you can off last seen option. For this – Go to Setting — Account — Privacy — click on last seen — Choose Nobody from given three options. But before doing this, do remember once you off last seen, then you would not be able to see other people last seen from your contact list.

6. How to Know the Time When your Whatsapp Message read: with blue ticks below messages, you are able to know that receiver not only receive but also read your send messages. But sometime, it is very important to know at what time receiver read your message. For this press the message, main top menu you will find the info option i symbol. Click on it. With this option user able to know the message deliver as well as read time.

7. Whatsapp Link Preview: This whatsapp update enhances the reading experience. If you paste any link in whatsapp chat, then you will see an image link preview from that article. This whatsapp feature is similar to facebook and twitter link preview, consist of headline, base URL and preview. In whatsapp link preview feature you can off the preview option.

8. How to Send Same Message to Multiple Contacts Simultaneously: Many times you want to share the same message with your friends at the same time, but they are not members of a same group. Then Whatsapp broadcast feature will be very useful. With this whatsapp update you are able to send same message simultaneously to your all contacts as well as receiver read the message in such a way that it is between two of you. For this – Go to menu — select new broadcast.

9. Whatsapp Custom Notification: Few Whatsapp Contacts and Chat Groups are important than others. In such condition, you can set a different notification alert for them. For this – open any chat — tab on title bar – Go to Custom Notifiaction— Set Notification tone, Vibration effects and pop up Notification.

10. How to use Whatsapp On your Computer or Laptop: If you are using Google browser in your computer or laptop, then you can use whatsapp on them. With Google browser go to Whatsapp Web and follow all the instructions carefully. For this, first of all should confirm that your phone is connected to the internet. In your phone open whatsapp , click on the whatsapp Web option in main menu, then scan QR Code. After this you can access whatsapp through your computer. You can chat as well as see all the whatsapp notifications with your personal computer.

11. How to Make Whatsapp Call: Now whatsapp is not only the messaging app but users can also make calls to anyone from their whatsapp contact list. For this both users should be using whatsapp and should be online. You are able to make call when you are connected with internet. To make whatsapp call, select the individual from your whatsapp contact list, click on it then in top menu you will find the phone symbol, tap on it. It will initiate your whatsapp call. You can also check the Whatsapp call logs from the calls option.

12. How to Mute Whatsapp Groups and contacts: It is very annoying that your phone is continuously beeping when you are in a very important meeting, busy in doing some work or may be sleeping. Due to this, Whatsapp team in their new Whatsapp update provide the facility to mute any group or any contact. It never means that you will stop receiving messages. It means that now your phone doesn’t make any sound or vibrations, but you can see or read Whatsapp group messages or messages from your friends or family.

So Friends go and get the New version of Whatsapp and enjoy all new Whatsapp Update.


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