Whatsapp Golden Version – legitimate or Scam !

Whatsapp is a very popular messaging application on the internet. People using whatsapp are continuously receiving phishing messages by some third party to upgrade their whatsapp to whatsapp golden version. Normal people who are not so net freak; not aware of malicious things that happened on all over the internet like hacking, scam, virus spread. They are the main target of hackers as they can make them fool easily. Whatspp Messaging App is the only messaging application which is so famous used by all age group people.
If you have the twitter or Facebook account, a picture is shared by the people all over the internet that force the people to upgrade their Whatsapp to Whatsapp Gold. The content mention on the picture is as follow: Whatsapp come up with many new fabulous features like video calling, option to delete all messages send by mistaken to someone, free calling, able to change themes and also able to share approximately 100 pictures to your contacts at a time. This golden version of whatsapp is now leaked. Whatsapp Gold is used by only celebrities. If you want to use all these features then upgrade to whatsapp Gold and installation is possible only by invite only. You are the lucky one; as you are invited for this. Once you install this golden whatsapp version, your green whatsapp icon is completely changed to golden whatsapp icon and then you can use all those whatsapp features which are used by celebrities only. Once the user click on the given link, an error message appeared on the mobile screen because whatsapp team never send such promotional messages to any whatsapp user. They never developed any such version (whatsapp Gold).

Friends Whatsapp Golden Version is totally a Big Scam!

This Whatsapp Gold is an application develops by some third party and named after Whatsapp to make people fool. This Whatsapp Gold contains some malicious software that steal all your phone data and files once installed in your phone.

How to Save from being hacked by Whatsapp Golden Version :

Whatsapp messaging application which you have downloaded and installed from Google play store is a legit and there is no fear of being hacked. So always install whatsapp updates from Google Play Store only and not from any third party. Secondly, if you ever received any phishing messages (fraud messages to steal your information but they looks very real) for any plugin or whatsapp updates installation, either block that contact or send report to the company.
Survey is going on how many whatsapp users have been affected by Whatsapp Golden Version Scam, not getting real figures till yet. But Friend, our security is always in our hands! So never trust any messages send for installing application or given rewards on forwarding following message to some people. As they all are fake and fraud!

If this article saved your mobile and its information from being hacked, then share it and save your friend’s mobile too.


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