What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and its Techniques

SEO is a acronym of “Search Engine Optimization”. SEO is defined as the process of making the content of the post optimized according to various search engine’s algorithm like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and many more. SEO can also be referred as “Search Engine Ranking Optimization” because SEO helps us in scoring good page rank and to boost up your website or blog page rank. SEO has become popular and is in demand now a days as it shows wonderful output in bringing traffic to your website or blog coming from various search engines.

Why Search Engine Optimization / SEO is a popular method of Internet Marketing ?

Previously web masters had to manually optimize the websites for various search engines by submitting the website URL or link to search engines. Then the URL was send to the “Spider” for “Crawling” the whole page of the website or blog and download this page to its own server. Now the process has becomes easier as many SEO plugin’s are available in the market and many institutes teach various techniques of SEO. Search engine optimization will make your website or blog more visible by making the website’s or blog’s rank as high as possible in various search results. As a result more visitors will visit your website or blog.

Search Engine Optimization Method of Internet Marketing
Search Engine Optimization Method of Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimization / SEO Techniques – On Page SEO and Off Page SEO:

Search Engine Optimization techniques can be broadly divided into two categories, On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. Both ON Page and Off Page SEO are described below. The ratio of Off Page and On Page is of 60:40 in improving the ranking of your website or blog.

Off Page Search Engine Optimization

Off Page SEO refers to all the methods which you can do OFF of your website that is no need to make any changes in your website design, code etc. In Off Page SEO back linking and social bookmarking are the most important methods. Off Page basically helps you to bring considerable amount of traffic on your website and improve Google Page Ranking. Google’s algorithm to give ranks to your page considers number of back links you have build from high ranking websites. Off Page Techniques includes various methods like blog commenting, forum submission, article submission, press releases, social bookmarking, directory submission and many more. The Off Page Search Engine optimization method will be of great help to Search Engine Optimization experts in scoring high rank for websites. The Off page SEO will perform 60 percent work of Search Engine Optimization.

On Page Search Engine Optimization

On Page SEO refers to all the methods which you can apply ON your website that is you have to optimize all the design, code, text, images according to search engines.For performing On page SEO, you should have a good knowledge of designing and coding as you have to make changes in them. Article title, SEO title, SEO focus Keyword, Meta tags, Meta description, Meta Keywords, Heading tag, URL structure, keyword density are some of the most important areas in On Page Search Engine Optimization.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will help in indexing the pages of your website or blog and to be crawled by various search engine, so that its visibility will increase in various search results. I know you have to spend some time to understand and perform each method of On Page and Off Page SEO, but not to worry I have explained each Search Engine Optimization method format in my other post, you can refer them if you are finding some difficulty.


  1. SEO is evolving and the algorithms are updated every week. This all makes us proactive in reaching our audience and putting the right content in front of their eyes. Beyond On page you can’t go far you would require to do Off page in order to get maximum value and return.

  2. Do your keywords research, write awesome content, make sure your on-page SEO done correctly and you are good to go. As it was mentioned previously “create seamless user experience and powerful content”.

  3. Thanks for sharing helpful information on SEO as its a pillar now a days of Internet marketing and sales.


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