What does Article Submission Mean and How it is Useful to Boost up your Page Rank?

Article submission is an art of drawing traffic by submitting SEO optimized articles to high page rank article submission websites by using search engine algorithm. Article submission is the best practice among SEO techniques to string words together and frame effective sentences that include page title, body text and building links. Article submission is a long term SEO practice which will help  to boost up your website’s page rank, traffic and increase back links. If you have a website or a blog  and you are not aware of article submission, then it is very important for you to learn this strategy of increasing back links and improving your website’s or blog’s page rank.

There are many more faster techniques of building back links like blog commenting, forum submission, Social Bookmarking but it is the oldest and trustworthy method as per my knowledge of search engine optimization. Article submission allows you to submit your article in article submission website and in return you will get back link in the author resource box.

Article Submission Mean How it Boost up Website Page Rank
Article Submission Mean How it Boost up Website Page Rank

Article Submission format and guidelines for publishing a good quality article:

1. You have to search for article submission website list and start signing up or registering for them.
2. Select the category in which you have to submit or publish your article.
3. Search for low competition keywords, and for this you can take help of Google Keyword Tool.
4. Analyze the keywords and select the one with less competition that you can use in your article’s title.
5. Start writing your article’s body text, the description in the body should contain the keyword.
6. The keyword density should be maintained in the description and the description should be unique and not a copy content.
7. Try to use heading tags like h1, h2 and so on. Avoid paragraph as much you can and focus on your keyword in the whole article.
8. Give link of your website in author resource box including tags and meta keywords, it will generate a back link for your website.
9. Before article submission, confirm that the article you are submitting will comply by the article submission website guidelines.
10. Now your article will be approved by the article directories on the condition that it follows all the guidelines, otherwise it will not be accessible by search engines or anyone else.

Every new technique will have pros and cons, so article submission also have some benefits and limitations.

Article submission Benefits:

1. It is the oldest and the most trustworthy method of building back links.
2. It will generate long term back links from high ranking websites.
3. It will increase traffic on your website by sending considerable amount of search.
4. It will Boost and Improve your page rank.

Article Submission Limitations / Disadvantages:

1. It is very time consuming process.
2. When you submit an article to article submission websites, it will increase traffic on that website not on yours. The reason being that those websites get unique fresh content not your website or blog.
3. It is not necessary that readers will click your website link from article submitting sites, they may or may not.
4. It is better to write articles with unique content for your own website in spite of publishing it on article submission websites.

I have shown you both the ways and given you reasons of article submission, now it is up to you what will you choose for improving your website page rank and traffic. I hope it will help you to understand the meaning, definition, utility, benefits, limitation and format of article submission.


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