True Friendship that never ends Krishna and Sudama

This story tells us that financial status should not come in the way of true friendship that never ends Krishna and Sudama. Sudama belonged to a poor Brahmin family and Krishna belonged to a royal family. Their friendship starts when they were studying together in the gurukul. Once they went to the forest to pick up the brushwood, suddenly it started raining and they had to stay in the forest quite long. Krishna feeling hungry asked Sudama “Did you have anything to eat?”. Sudama replied “No Krishna, I brought nothing to eat”, as he felt shy to offer his scanty food to the son of rich family.

After completing their studies, Sudama got married and Krishna took the King’s Throne. Years passed and Sudama financially got more weaker but his love for Krishna increased. Sudama chantet Krishna’s name the whole day.

The King called Sudama to his court and asked him to repeat his name and in return he would give him wealth, clothes, home, food, money, but Sudama refused to chant his name. King got angry and told him: “Go to Krishna, your true friend and ask for help”. Sudama said He is God, He knows everything then why should I go to him and beg?

Soon the day came when Sudama didn’t have cloth to wear, his children cried with hunger and he had nothing in his home to feed them. His wife then urged him for Krishna’s help, but he refused. One day the king came to his home and started beating Sudama. Krishna was sitting in his court with rukhmani and all other people and suddenly he felt pain at the same spot where Sudama was beaten by king. Krishna was aware of the incidents but he wanted Sudama to remove his shyness and come to meet him.

At last Sudama’s wife lost all her patience and asked him to visit Krishna and ask for help. She said: “if you not go then I will to go Krishna”. Sudama tried to convince his wife but she was not ready to understand anything. Sudama faced another problem as he went to his friend after so long time and had nothing to take for him as a Gift. Then his wife gave him boiled rice. He placed all the rice in plane cloth and went to Dwarka.

At the gates of Dwarka, gatekeeper stopped him and asked “Where are you going?”. Sudama said “I am going to meet my friend Krishna”. Gatekeepers laughed on him, then he requested them to convey Krishna that his friend Sudama wants to meet him. As Krishna got the message he ran from his court to the gate to welcome his friend Sudama. They hugged each other tightly and cried. By seeing such a true friendship that never ends Krishna and Sudama everyone starts showering flowers on them.

True Friendship that never ends Krishna and Sudama
True Friendship that never ends Krishna and Sudama
Krishna took him to his court, sat him in his throne and he himself washed his feet with his hand and asked him to take some rest. In the night they took dinner together and Krishna asked him that “I know bhabhi had send something for me, why you are not giving it to me”. Sudama again felt shy on his scanty boiled rice but Krishna took it from him and started eating and said they are very tasty.

Sudama was feeling shy in asking for help and Lord Krishna knew all his circumstances. Next day when Sudama was returning to his home, Krishna gave him lots of clothes, food grains, money and many more gifts not only for him but for his family also. When Sudama saw all gifts he was very glad and started crying. He said to Krishna that I just want to meet you and did not come for all these.

Krishna told him “it’s my love for you and Sudama I know how much you love me”.

Moral of the Story “True Friendship that never ends Krishna and Sudama”:

Financial, social status never comes in the way of true friendship. True Friendship that never ends Krishna and Sudama. Nowadays its hard to find true friendship like Lord Krishna and Sudama.


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