Thinking of Others Instead of Themselves Alone

This story tells us that if we start thinking of others instead of themselves, it would result in happiness. There was a man, he is very soft hearted, always helping others in his whole life. He is a Social worker. He was died and God asked him if where he would wish to go to heaven or hell. The man request to God, he could see both before deciding. God took him to hell first and there the man saw a hall with a long table, lots of food on it and music playing. He also saw rows of people on both side of the table with white, dim faces and thin, weak body. They looked hungry and there was no laughter, no happiness. Then he observed one more thing that their hands were tied to four-foot forks and knives and they were continuously trying to get the food from the center of the table to put into their mouths. But they could not, each time they got failed. By seeing all these he got very disappointed. Then, God took him to see heaven. There also he saw a hall with a long table, with lots of food on the table and music playing. Here also rows of people were standing on both sides of the table with their hands tied to four-foot forks and knives also, but he observed something different happened here. People were happy here as all thinking of others before themselves. They were laughing and were well-fed and looking healthy. As he saw that they all were feeding one another across the table. The result was happiness, prosperity, enjoyment, and gratification because they were not thinking of themselves alone. The same is true of our lives.
Thinking of Others Instead of Themselves Alone

Moral of the story “Thinking of Others Instead of Themselves”:

If we start thinking of others before themselves alone then it would be result in happiness, prosperity all around you.

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