Few Important Things to Consider when Changing Jobs

Are you getting less salary for your work? May be you have to work for more hours? May be you get bored of doing same work daily. If you are looking for new job in any of the above situations then below are the few basic things to consider when changing Jobs and before making a really big change.

Things to Consider Before Switching Jobs:

1. Discuss about salary: if you are not getting appraisal from last few years, then definitely discuss about your salary increment with your present employer. As boss knows about your working capabilities. While discussion tell him about your contribution for company, never compare yourself with other colleagues.
2. Discuss your problems: maybe you are facing problems in working with any of the colleague and due to this not able to give your best performance, then you can discuss with your boss about the problems and join the new team. But if you have problem with the behavior of your boss then definitely you can think about changing the job.

Few Important Things to Consider when Changing Jobs
Few Important Things to Consider when Changing Jobs
3. Have very less or more work: according to Pareto Principal, 80% of office work is done by only 20% of employees. Due to overload of work you are not able spend good time with family then discuss this with your boss. May be you do not have any work to do in office; this may hampers your productivity. In this case ask boss to give work.
4.Believe in yourself: Mostly people do not believe there capabilities. They believe their present job is due destiny and they can lost it at any time. Whatever good happens with them they never thought they are responsible for it. Such persons never get salary according to their capabilities. These persons have to ask their dear ones about their qualities. Live life with joy and happiness instead of lot of stress.

After quitting from your present job :

1.Smart Resume: first and foresmost things to consider when changing jobs is to always have a smart resume; it should be short and simple. If you have an experience of less than 5 years then make it of a single page otherwise you can add more pages. In experience section start from your present job profile and destination. Try to avoid the use of bold characters. Check it for grammar and spelling mistakes at least twice. Before sending it to any company read it carefully.
2. Update Online Presence: update your photograph on various job portals. Try not to use selfie or informal photos. Always upload your picture in formal outfit with smiling face. Mention your full name with job profile. Use keywords related to your job responsibilities. So recruiters able to easily find out your profile.

Before giving interview in new company:

1. Understand the company: before applying it is good to collect all information regarding company. Firstly if its scam or fraud you are safe. Secondly, during interview HR may ask questions about company and its product to check your awareness.

2. Prepare for 10 mostly asked interview questions:

• Why do you want to join our company?

• What do you know about our company?

• Are you really a good choice for this job?

• How will you change the current conditions?

• Where do you see yourself five years from now?

• Do you think you are successful?

• What are your strength and weakness?

• What type of challenges you faced at work?

• What are your expectations from yourself?

• What are your expectations from this job?

Always negotiate after clearing interview in a new company :

1. Take some time: wait until or unless ask about your salary expectations. Do not utter on our own. Let first company decide that you are the best candidate among all and what will be your salary package. Then only keep your view in front of them. To talk about expected salary in starting of conversation is a crazy thing.
2. Tell them about options: if you are shortlisted by some other companies, then let them know while negotiating. Chances of getting good salary packages increases as it left good impact on the recruiter. Never make false stories.
3. Analysis the offer completely: before accepting any offer given by a company, analyze it completely. Discuss and understand from HR what should be your in-hand salary and what other deductions are made in other things.
4. Importance of profile and grade: if they are offering you more salary from present package but compromise your present profile and grade. If your job responsibilities are less than present job, then never accept such offer.

Some important things to Consider when Changing Jobs :

1. Have patience: while searching job, you are going through a lot of stress. Sometimes you feel that you will never get a good job. Do not take tension and always believe on yourself. If you have capabilities then you will get good job at right place. While searching job you should be focused, clam and stress-free
2. Always learn new things: while searching job increase your skills and always learn new things that are necessary for career. With this you can make a proper utilization of time and increase your impression during interview. If you do not have the habit of learning of new things then there will be no chances of getting good job and if you have then promotion chances are totally nil. So always learn new skills.


  1. Changing a job is very difficult. Most recruiters can find issues with you if you are not careful during the interview.

  2. I don’t think that changing a job is that difficult as when you gain experience it’s easy than a fresher to get a new job. However, adjusting to new environment depends on person to person.

  3. I don’t think that changing a job is that difficult as when you gain experience it’s easy than a fresher to get a new job. However, adjusting to new environment depends on person to person.

  4. Thanks for sharing this informative article. Changing a job is not so easy task. A powerful resume is most important thing for it because it makes a man perfect for a company.


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