Things to Consider during Notice Period

May be you are leaving job or may be company has requested you to give resignation. In both conditions, you have to consider few things which you have never to do during notice period. Notice period is the time period which you to serve company before joining new company. In this time company will hire a suitable candidate who has to look after all your job responsibilities. This time period will be differ according to company norms and conditions.

Several Important Things to Consider during Notice Period :

1. Inform Boss: if you are leaving job then first of all inform about this to your boss with respect. Give written resignation only when boss agreed with this decision. With this boss able to think about his next step and get sufficient time to process it. May be boss can give you a counter offer. You can also ask him that in what manner you will share this information with other employees.

2. Do Proper judgment with work: when company decide your last working day then you can make a proper plan to execute your pending work and try to complete them before leaving job. Always do your job with full dedication that everybody feels that you still attach with company. The way you are working during notice period always left image of yours on company.

Things to Consider during Notice Period
Things to Consider during Notice Period

3. Distribute the information: During notice period, company has some expectations from you that you should atleast complete the entire running projects under your guidelines. If any project needs more time than you should discuss all the information related to that project with the team members or a person who will handle the project in your absence. Tell each and every point to your replacement.

4. Accumulate References: In start days of your notice period try to convince your supervisor, HR and senior colleagues to write a reference letter for you. Mostly HR manager give your standard experience letter. Keep in mind always check for joining date, leaving date and last job profile related details in experience letter.

5. Documents and Finance: collect no-dues certificate from all departments. Transfer all personal data and contacts from office computer or laptop in your personal device. If you have completed five years of job in company then collect information about gratuity. Also ask them to transfer your PF account to new company’s account. Calculate pending salary, bonus, bills, commissions leave encashment etc.

6. Garden leave:when you are working in political sector. Then they ask you for a garden leave. In this period they expected you to be at home for some next few months and also allow you to join any new firm. Due to this all the information you have became older. When you are on garden leave you will always be in a contact of a present employee.

Be safe from few things during notice period :

1. Never Share future Plans: most of your colleagues are not at all interested in your new job and big salary. So you became a part of gossip among them by telling about your future plans. Never trust anyone and do not share your future plans with anyone.

2. Never Disparage: Ever say bad thing for your colleagues. Be safe from a long list of complaints during exit interview instead of this show your enthusiasm. This will maintain a good image of you in the company.

3. Clean your Desk: one day before leaving company clean up your desk completely. Collect your books from colleagues, if share anyone. Ask for your contribution of shared parties and pay all your loans taken from anyone in the company. After doing all this leave the company.

4. Return Back Thing given by Company: return back all the data and things related to your company like email, password, pen drive, laptop and confidential documents to the right person at the time you leave.

5. Create Good Image: Always try to make such image that company can open their gates for you any time. Always be in a contact with boss, HR and Colleagues. Talk to them with respect.

6. Future Planning: if you have a job offer in your hands and have some time in joining then utilize this time properly to know about some other good job offers. In case you do not have job offer then invest most of your time in searching a best offer for you. During this time you can also join some courses to increase your skills.

7. Remember These: Make a list of person to whom you want to thanks personally for their support and the motivation they give you. If you are giving a farewell party then, prepare a good farewell speech. While sharing your achievements never include the bad incidents. People never remember who you are and what have you said they always remember you by the way you treat them.


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