There are No Shortcuts to Success

This story tells us there are no shortcuts to success, only way is hard work. Everybody thought there are some easier ways to live a life, no need to work for livelihood but the truth is that easier ways are always be the toughest way. Once there was a big forest nearby village. People usually cross it and went to the market for earning money. One day lark was singing and flying here and there, saw a villager was moving from there. The lark stopped the villager and asked him, “Where are you going?” Villager replied “I am going to the market”. Lark again asked him “What do you have in the box ? Villager said “Which box are you talking about? Lark said that one you are carrying with you and she sit on the box?” The farmer replied “Oh, this one it had worms and I was going to the market to trade them, in return buy some feathers. The lark said, “Look at me, I have many feathers on my body. I will pluck one and give it to you If you give me all the worms you have in this box as it will save me looking for worms.” The farmer gave all the worms of the box to the lark and the lark plucked one feather from his body and gave it to farmer in return. Next day the same will happened and this will continue day after tomorrow and on and on. The lark is happy as got her food easily, no need to go for hunt for worms but she forget that there are no shortcuts to success and farmer is also happy as he don’t have to travel up to the market. A day came when the lark had no more feathers to deal for her food with the villager ,in fact she couldn’t fly even a small distance and hunt for worms. Day by day she started looking ugly and stopped singing and due to hunger and very soon she died.
There are No Shortcuts to Success
There are No Shortcuts to Success

Moral of the story ” There are No Shortcuts to Success:”

The lark thought it was an easy way to get food without hunting, but it turned out to be the tougher way in the end. The same thing true in our lives.
We always look for the shortcuts for getting success, but success can be achieved by only hard work and true dedication towards your work. This way will take some little more time to get success, but keep in mind that there are no shortcuts to success.


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  2. Very useful story and equally useful moral great for writing essays.

  3. This is a very good short story based on the topic “Shortcuts to Success”. Came here by googling for my English project.

  4. The story is a little funny and very useful for students. Try to get some new stories.


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