The Reason Why Bush Hid the Facts ?

It is one of the interesting Windows notepad trick “Bush hid the facts”. It had been posted on several blogs and forums already. This trick is only applicable on Windows XP or Windows NT/2000 notepad versions.

Windows notepad with the phrase “Bush hid the facts” when re-opened after saving it shows some unreadable square style characters. This was really wierd.

Steps to know how Bush hid the facts:

1. Open the Windows notepad .
2. Write the phrase “Bush hid the facts“.
3. B of Bush should be capital.
4. Save it with any name.
5. Re-open it and see the result.

Bush Hid the Facts The Reason Behind It
Bush Hid the Facts The Reason Behind It
So, it is very surprising Do you want to know the reason behind it?
You can try some other phrases also in the format of (4-space-3-space-3-space-5), (4-space-5-space-3-space-5), and (1-space-4-space-3-space-3). The phrases written in these format will be showing some wired and unreadable characters as certain combination of letters in character string causes Windows Notepad to misinterpret the encoding of the file when it is re-opened.

I thought now you will know the reason why notepad containing the character string ” Bush hid the facts” will be showing such an amazing and weird result.



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