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Almost every website asks you to verify your email address for the confirmation of registration whether it be a blog, forum or directory. The moment you verify your email address, you join the spam list and started receiving the spammy junk emails. If you create a new email id every time you register for a particular website it would be really tough to remember the details, login and password. After every registration logging in the email address for verification is a hectic job to do. Under these situations you can use the 10 minute mail service. You will get a temporary email id for 10 minutes without registration which does not have a password at all. 10 minute mail gives you the email address @rtrtr.com. 10 minute mail also provides you with an option to change the language to your desired language. 10 minute mail is created by Devon Hillard from Digital Sanctuary.
10 Minute Mail Temporary Email Address ID for Ten Minutes
10 Minute Mail Temporary Email Address ID for Ten Minutes

How to get a 10 minute mail email address:

For the 10 minute mail email address you need to visit 10minutemail.com. Once you visit the 10 minute mail website and the page opens you are provided with a temporary email address. Just below the email address box the time left before your email address expires is shown. Your inbox will also be visible below on the same page. Now you can use this 10 minute mail email address similarly as your normal email id. There is also a facility to increase the 10 minute mail email address expiry limit if you are in need of more time and it will buy you 10 minutes more every time you click it. To increase the 10 minute expiry limit of the 10 minute mail email id you just have to click on 10 more minutes underlined link below the time to expire shown over there. If you do not increase the expiry time limit of your 10 minute mail email address it will certainly delete all mails from inbox after 10 minutes. When your 10 minute mail email address expires it gives you a notification by displaying the message “Your e-mail address has self-destructed”.


  1. I have heard 10 minuted email but never tried before. But from your description I’ll try to make one.


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