Makar Sankranti Sweet Dish: Tilgul, Til ki chikki, Til ke Ladoo Recipe

Makar Sankranti is mostly celebrated on 14th January of every year, however Makar Sankranti 2020 will be celebrated on the 15th of January 2020 which is Wednesday. Makar Sankranti festival denotes the start of a New Year. On occasion of makar Sankranti people prepare tilguls, til ke ladoo or til ki chikki and offer prayer to God Shani, makar rashi swami. Hindus believe that Sun visits his son’s house Shani on this day. Therefore, we pray to God for sound relationship of son and father.
On Saturday we offer til and oil to God Shani for Sukh Samridhi (Success and Happiness). This is the main reason of making sweets using til (teel) like til ke ladoo, til ki chikki and tilguls on Makar Sankranti. Hindus exchange sweets made of til on makar Sankranti festival and say “Til-Gul Ghya, Aani God God Bola” meaning “Accept these sweets and speak sweet words”.
Til ke ladoos and dal ke pakode are favourite dishes on makar Sankranti. But some people also prepare dal bati with churma. People visit their relative’s house and enjoy this festival with kites and fabulous taste of these dishes.
Til ke Ladoo Recipe (Sesame Seeds Ladoo),Til ki chikki,Tilgul
Til ke Ladoo Recipe (Sesame Seeds Ladoo),Til ki chikki,Tilgul
This is one of my favourite festivals as it is pollution-free. Kites in various shapes and colors make the sky colourful and beautiful. Beside kites, til ke ladoo makes makar Sankranti, a very special festival. From childhood I used to wait for this day, as my mother prepares ladoo of til (sesame seeds) which according to me is very difficult task. To prepare til ke ladoo or chikki, a person needs lots of patience and practice.
From last two bad experiences, finally this year I got beautiful and tasty til ke ladoos. So never lose the hope – practice makes the things perfect.

Recipe of Til ke ladoo (Sesame ke Ladoo), Teel ki chikki :

Ingredients for preparing Teel ke Ladoo Recipe:

Jaggery – one cup
Sesame Seeds (white in color) – til two hundred grams
Crushed Coconut (optional) – 3/4 cup
Grated Peanuts, cashews , almonds – two to three tablespoon
Cardamom Powder – half tablespoon
Ghee – half tablespoon

Procedure to Prepare Recipe of Til ke Ladoo or Til ki Chikki:

1. Wash Sesame seeds (til) and dry them for 4-5 mins. Lightly roast the seeds of sesame in your pan for about 4-5 mins on medium heat, till it become light brown or popping sound appear. Remove from burner and keep it aside.

2. Optional, if you want to add these. Roast the coconut and peanuts separately in the pan till they turn light brown in colour. Keep them aside.

3. Add jaggery when the saucepan is heated up. Cook jaggery untill it melts down. Stir it a few times. Add ghee once it melted down and remove saucepan from the burner.

4. In the melted jaggery mix roasted sesame, coconut, peanuts, cardamom and stir it well. Allow this mixture to cool a bit.

5. Once the mixture is cool to take in hand, make balls taking the small amount of mixture using your palms, in case of Ladoo.

6. While in case of Til ki Chakki (teel ki chikki), settle the mixture in the plate and allow it to cool down slightly. Once it cooled, cut it in required shape.

Til ke Laddu Recipe Precautions to be taken while making tilguls:

1. The mixture should be warm while making Ladoos.

2. To check the uniformity of jaggery, take little water and add a tiny drop of jaggery in it. If it forms a round shape and settles down without dilute, then the viscosity is right.

3. Be careful not to burn your hands, while making til ke Ladoo.

Enjoy this Makar Sankranti with Til ke Ladoo and Chikki cooking and preparation.