Celebrate Holi with Eco-Friendly Homemade Holi Colours

Each festival of India is celebrated in its own unique traditional style. Holi is one of such festivals. Smearing and sprinkling coloured water on one another is the real happiness of this festival. Holi is one of the ways to spread happiness, love, joy and enthusiasm. Do you all want to celebrate Holi in a totally different style? Then why not try eco-friendly methods to play happy and safe holi. By using homemade holi colours. Chemical based colours not only affect your skin, eyes and hairs but also hampers nature.
While playing holi, always use natural or homemade holi colours. By using herbal colours you can safeguard your skin from getting allergic. Mostly the colours you purchase during holi are chemical based and they are very harmful for your body. We are providing some methods to prepare colours at home with nature herbs, fruits and vegetable. These colours are very eco-friendly as they very pure, good for your body and nature based.

Celebrate Eco-Friendly Holi with Homemade Holi Colours:

1. Cut Beet (chukandar) into pieces and dip into boiled water. Leave this for whole night. Next morning, you will obtain bright red colour. Filter it and red colour is now ready to play holi.

2. Cut small pieces of black grapes and alwa (gooseberry). Now put these pieces into boiled water. Now keep this solution to cool down for an hour or two. Filter the solution and get your black herbal holi colour.

Homemade Holi Colours Celebrate Eco Friendly Holi
Homemade Holi Colours Celebrate Eco Friendly Holi

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Celebrate Holi with Eco-Friendly Homemade Holi Colours :

1. Separate the petals from whorl of sunflower and dry them. Then crush them into mixer to make its powder. Now yellow colour is ready to play holi with your relatives and friends. You can also use tamarind powder as yellow gulaal colour. Tamarind (Haldi) is good for your skin also.

2. To prepare green colour take spinach leaves (palak), mint (pudina) and neem leaves. Boil them and keep them for some time to cool down. If you want green gulaal colour you can dry them and make their powder into mixer.

Share your herbal colours with your friends while playing holi so that they are inspired to play holi with eco-friendly colours. One day before holi, you can prepare homemade holi colours. With this activity, you can motivate more and more people to celebrate eco-friendly holi.
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