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Happy Women’s Day 2020 Quotes Wishes Greetings Messages SMS : MahaShivratri, the festival of worshiping Lord Shiva has just gone by and the International Women’s Day 2020 has arrived so allow me to wish everyone out there following my blog or landing on this page through search a very Happy Women’s Day 2020. It is always said that “Behind a successful man is a Woman“. Some even say that women always run after a successful man. I would say the first situation is correct and I totally disagree with the second statement because my wife has motivated, guided me and helped me a lot in some of the most difficult times even when we had financial issues. If you are not aware then you will be surprised to know that International Women’s Day also known as the IWD always falls on the 8th of March and similarly in 2020 it is in March month on eight. The celebrations for happy women’s day 2020 will vary from countries to states as it is an international event and celebrated throughout the globe.

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International Woman’s Day is the celebration for the achievements that women have made in different fields all over the world. Some of the countries like Europe observed it as a Political event whereas the International day is actually a blend of Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day to show your love and respect towards wife, mother, sister and daughter. In some of the countries women empowerment is needed as they treat women very badly and kill female infants in the womb. Let us not get into the details as there is a bad part of everything and stick to the United Nations Organization proclamation on the International Woman’s Day which is empowerment of humanity by empowering women.

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The International Business Times has collected the top 20 Inspiring Quotes, Sayings and Greetings to celebrate Women’s day.

Happy Women's Day Messages
Happy Women’s Day Messages
Happy Women's Day Wishes
Happy Women’s Day Wishes
Happy Women's Day Greetings
Happy Women’s Day Greetings

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Happy Women's Day Whatsapp Images
Happy Women’s Day Whatsapp Images
Happy Women's Day Whatsapp Messages
Happy Women’s Day Whatsapp Messages
Happy International Women's Day
Happy International Women’s Day
Happy Women's Day Ecards
Happy Women’s Day Ecards
Happy Women's Day Quotations
Happy Women’s Day Quotations
Happy Women's Day Celebration
Happy Women’s Day Celebration
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Happy Women's Day Facebook DP
Happy Women’s Day Facebook DP
Happy Women's Day Facebook Cover Page Images
Happy Women’s Day Facebook Cover Page Images
Happy Women's Day Quotes
Happy Women’s Day Quotes
Happy Women's Day SMS
Happy Women’s Day SMS
Happy Women's Day Poems
Happy Women’s Day Poems

Similar as the International Women’s Day celebration, the South African National Women’s Day is always celebrated on a fixed date that it 9th August every year.