108 namavali of Lord Shiva for baby boy | भगवान शिव के 108 नाम

Lord Shiva is one of the three main Gods worshiped in India. Lord Shiva is known for His soft nature as well as for His anger. He gives blessing to His devotees easily by getting happy through their prayers. That is why He is known by one of His popular names from Shivji Ashtottara Shatanamavali that is ‘Bholenath’.
Lord Shiva is known for His dance ‘Tandav’, which has the power to destroy the Earth. Brahma is known as the Creator of the Universe whereas Lord Shiva is known as Destructor Who destroys all the evils from the Universe. He believes in recreation. Each name of Lord Shiva is associated with an inspiring story. Lord Shiva always believes in fair judgement whether it’s for Gods or demons.
There are thousands of different names of Lord Shiva which are mentioned in Shiv Mahapuran with their meanings and stories stating why a particular name has arise leading to all names of Shiv Bhagwaan. Many devotees love to name their baby boy after Lord Shiva’s name. So I will present 108 Lord Shiva various names that your baby boy will love.

Shivji 108 names in Hindi and English with their meaning | शंकर भगवान नामावली:

There are many festivals associated with Lord Shiva, but most popular are Mahashivratri and the Month of Sawan. Each Indian festival has its own importance but the month of Sawan is most precious. In the month of Saawan, people worship Shankar bhagwan for a whole month to get His blessings as in some Hindu Scriptures it is mentioned that in sawan Lord Shiva grants His blessings very easily. The reasons behind are firstly, Mahadevji n Goddess Parvati unite in this month, secondly He visits his in-laws and accepted them with love and respect, last but not the least Lord Shiva is very close to earth due to His visit to Goddess Parvati’s father’s home.

Shivaji has several other names counting in thousands, each names has a unique meaning and a tale is related with the origin of all Shivji names. Some of most common and popular names are Mahadev, Bholenath, Tripurari etc., But we have mentioned 108 Lord Shiva names in Hindi and English with their meanings from the Shiv sahastra namavali.

The purpose behind listing bhagwan Shivji 108 names with meaning are basically two: first – if you are a great devotee or lover of Lord Shiva, it helps you to increase your knowledge by knowing different Shankar Bhagwan names with unique meaning, secondly, you can name your child from the list of Lord Shiva names.

108 Baby boy names related to Lord Shiva from Ashtottara Shatanamavali | शिव शंकर के 108+ नाम :

1. Shiva – शिवा Pure
2. Hara – हारा Destroyer
3. Mrda – मृदा Gracious
4. Rudra – रुद्र Terrible
5. Puskara – पुस्करा Nourisher
6. Puspalocana – पुष्पालोचना Of Flowery Eyes
7. Arthigamya – अर्थिगम्य Accessible To The Suppliants
8. Sadacara – सदाकारा Of Noble Conduct
9. Sarva – सर्वे All-in-all
10. Mahesvara – महेश्वरा Great Lord
11. Candrapida – चन्द्रपीडा With Moon For The Diadem
12. Candramauli – चंद्रमौलि With Moon For Its Crest-jewel
13. Visva – विस्वा Universe
14. Visvambharesvara – विश्वम्भरेश्वरा Lord Of The Earth
15. Vedantasarasandoha – वेदांतसारसंडोह The Essence Of Vedanta Philosophy
16. Kapalin – कपालिन With A Skull In The Hand
17. Nilalohita – नीललोहित Blue-blooded
18. Dhyanadhara – ध्यानधारा Object Of Meditation
19. Aparicchedya – अपरिच्छेद्या Inexplicable
20. Gauribhartr – गौरीभरतर Husband Of Gauri
21. Ganesvara – गणेश्वरा Lord Of Ganas
22. Astamurti – असतमूर्ति Having Eight Cosmic Bodies
23. Visvamurti – विश्वमूर्ति Universe-bodied
24. Trivarga – त्रिवर्ग Bestower Of Virtue, Wealth And Love
25. Sargasadhana – सरगसाधना Achiever Of Creation
26. Jnanagamya – ज्ञानगम्या Accessible To Perfect Knowledge
27. Drdhaprajna – दृढप्राजना Of Steady Intellect
28. Devadeva – देवदेवा Lord Of Gods
29. Trilocana – त्रिलोचना Three-eyed
30. Vamadeva – वामदेवा Lovely God
31. Mahadeva – महादेवा Great God
32. Patu – पातु Efficient
33. Parivrdha – परिवर्द्धा Chief
34. Drdha – द्र्ढ Firm
35. Virupaksa – विरूपक्सा Odd-eyed
36. Vagisa – वागीसा Lord Of Speech
37. Surassattama – सुरसत्तमा The Most Excellent God
38. Sarvapramanasamvadin – सर्वप्रमाणसंवादीन In Whom All Authorities And Proof Agree
39. Vrsanka – वर्संका Bull-bannered
40. Vrsavahana – वर्सावाहना Bull-vehicled
41. Isa – इसा Lord
42. Pinakin – पिनाकिन Holding Bow
43. Khatvangin – खट्वांगीन Holding Missile Khatvanga
44. Citravesa – कीतरवेसा Of Variegated Dress
45. Cirantana – चिरंतना Eternal Being
46. Tamohara – तमोहरा Remover Of Ignorance
47. Mahayogin – महायोगिन Great Yogin
48. Goptr – गोप्त्र Protector
49. Brahmandahrt – ब्रह्मांडह्ऱट Heart Of Cosmos
50. Jatin – जतिन With Matted Hair
51. Kalakala – कालाकाला Slayer Of Death
52. Krrtivasas – कृर्तिवासस Wearing Hide
53. Subhaga – सुभगा Comely
54. Pranatatmaka – प्रणतात्मका Soul Of Devotees
55. Unnadhra – ुणधरा Uplifted
56. Purasa – पुरसा Divine Being
57. Jusya – जुसया Worhty To Be Served
58. Durvasas – दुर्वासास Sage Durvasas
59. Pursasana – पुरसासना Chastiser Of The Tripuras
60. Divyayudha – दिव्यायुधा Having Divine Weapons
61. Skandaguru – स्कन्दगुरु Preceptor Of Skanda
62. Paramesthin – परमेष्ठिन Staying At The Acme
63. Paratpura – परतपुरा Greater Than The Greatest
64. Anadimadhyanidhana – अनादिमध्यनिधना With No Beginning, Middle Or End
65. Girisa – गिरीसा Lord Of Mountains
66. Girijadhava – गिरिजाधवा Husband Of Parvati
67. Kuberabandhu – कुबेराबन्धु Kinsman Of Kubera
68. Srikantha – श्रीकंठा Of Glorious Neck
69. Lokavarnottama – लोकवारणोत्तमा Excellent Of All Castes In The World
70. Samadhivedya – समाधिवेद्या Who Can Be Realized Through Trance
71. Kodandin – कोदंडीं Holding Bow
72. Nilakantha – नीलकण्ठा Blue-necked
73. Parasvadhin – परस्वाधीन Holding Axe
74. Visalaksa – विसलकसा Wide Eyed
75. Mrgavyadha – मृगव्याधा Hunter Of Animal
76. Suresa – सुरेसा Lord Of Gods
77. Suryatapana – सूर्यातपना Scorcher Of The Sun
78. Dharmadhyaksa – धर्माध्यक्षा Presiding Deity Of Virtue
79. Ksamaksetra – कसमक्षेत्रा Splitter Of The Eyes Of Bhaga
80. Urga – ऊर्जा Fierce
81. Pasupati – पशुपति Lord Of Beasts, The Individual Souls
82. Tarksya – तारकस्य Identical With Garuda
83. Priyabhakta – प्रियभक्त Favourite Of The Devotee
84. Parantapa – परन्तप Scorcher Of Enemies
85. Datr – दातर Donor
86. Dayakara – दयाकरा Compassionate
87. Daksa – दकसा Skilful
88. Kapardin – कपर्दिन Having Matted Hair
89. Kamasasana – कमससना Chastiser Of Cupid
90. Smasananilaya – समसाननिलया Residing In Cremation Ground
91. Suksma – सूक्ष्मा Subtle
92. Smasanastha – समासनस्था Staying In The Cremation Ground
93. Mahesvara – महेश्वरा Great God
94. Lokakartr – लोककार्टर Creator Of The Worlds
95. Mrgapati – मृगपति Lord Of Deer
96. Mahakartr – महाकर्त्र Great Maker
97. Mahausadhi – महौषधि Great Medicine
98. Somapa – सोमपा Inbiber Of Somajuice
99. Amrtapa – अमृतपा Drinker Of Nectar
100. Saumya – सौम्य Gentle
101. Mahatejas – महातेजस Of Great Splendour
102. Mahadyuti – महाद्युति Of Great Brilliance
103. Tejomaya – तेजोमय Full Of Lustre
104. Amrtamaya – अमृतमय Full Of Nectar
105. Annamaya – अन्नमय Of The Nature Of Food
106. Sudhapati – सुधापति Lord Of Nectar
107. Uttama – उत्तम The Most Excellent
108. Goptr – गोप्त्र Protector
109. Jnanagamya –ज्नानगम्या Attainable Through Perfect Knowledge –
110. Puratana – पुरातना Ancient Being
111. Niti – निति Justice
112. Sunitii – सुनिटी Good Justice And Policy
113. Suddhatman – सुद्धात्मान Pure Soul
114. Soma – सोमा Accompanied By Uma
115. Somatra – सुमात्रा Excelling The Moon
116. Sukhin – सुखिन Happy Being
117. Ajatasatru – अजातशत्रु Whose Enemy Is Not Yet Born
118. Aloksambhavya – अलोकसंभाव्य Whose Existence Is Inferred As Possible Through Lustre
119. Havyavahana –हव्यवाहना Carrier Of Sacrificial Offerings I.e. Fire
120. Lokankara – लोकांकरा Maker Of The Worlds
121. Vedakara – वेदकारा Originator Of The Vedas
122. Sutrakara – सूत्रकारा Composer Of Aphorisms
123. Santana – सैन्टाना Eternal
124. Maharsi – महर्षि Great Sage
125. Kapilacarya – कपिलाचार्य Preceptor Kapila
126. Visvadipti – विश्वदीपति Light Of The Universe
127. Trilocana – त्रिलोचना Three-eyed
128. Pinakapani – पिनाकपाणि Holding Pinaka In The Hand
129. Bhudeva – भूदेवा God Of The Earth
130. Svastida – स्वस्तिदा Bestower Of Weal
131. Aashramah – आश्रमः H
132. Abhicarya – अभिकरया worth of being approached
133. Abhipraayah – अभिप्रायः one who is faced by all seekers marching to the infinite
134. Abhyasathisaya gnatha – अभ्यासथिसाय गनथा who can be realized by constant practice
135. Acalah – non-moving

Why sahasranama ? How many names does Lord Shiva has ?

If you search the internet you might find out that Bholenaath has 1008 names but He has thousands of names. Religious topics are non ending and everyone has a different fact to prove whether it be a scientist or a Pandit. Again are these synonyms or entirely different because the meaning is ultimately The Almighty, “HAR HAR MAHADEV! ALAKH NIRANJAN !”