5 successful entrepreneur mothers teach you the 5 best tips: Mothers Day Special

5 successful entrepreneur mothers teach you the 5 best tips Mothers Day Special

Who in the world can tell you how difficult it is to grow up kids? The best answer would be given by a mother. Every moment mother finds happiness in their kid’s success and dwell into sadness on their failures and to me this seems to be one the biggest reason of why a good mom could be a successful entrepreneur. If she thinks of an idea or rather comes up with an innovative step, a mother cares for it like her own child, helps it to grow and flourish successfully. Mothers Day is that special day on which you can learn the best tips from great mothers throughout the world who are also successful entrepreneur women. “They are leaders, they are role-models and they inspire us in every moment.”

What is the key to success of such famous entrepreneur mothers? Let’s learn five:

Michelle Obama : Always think different
She completed her journey from a hardworking lawyer to America’s first lady; Michelle Obama is known to be a role model around the world. Even after undergoing all the pressure of White House responsibilities, her priority is still her family. She makes sure that everything in her family is going good.

Sheryl Sandberg : Prove yourself , realize your strength
Firstly government, then Google and finally COO for Facebook. Sheryl Sandberg is counted among the top 100 powerful women of the world. In her influential book “Lean In” Sandberg has mentioned her philosophy which she and her husband David Goldberg followed to lay the foundation of their career and also spend pleasant familial life. According to Sandberg she learned this philosophy from her mother.

5 successful entrepreneur mothers teach you the 5 best tips Mothers Day Special
5 successful entrepreneur mothers teach you the 5 best tips Mothers Day Special
Sara Blakely : Do not get worried by small things
Sara proves that age does not play any role in your way to success. She is one of the youngest self-made billionaire. She is the founder of Spanx; runs from Atlanta in America and her husband Jesse Eric Itzler is a famous musician, rapper as well as successful entrepreneur. They follow some provisions in life like whatever happens they have dinner together with their sons. They resolve all their misunderstandings by dancing on soft songs.
Cher Wang : Do not complicate things; learn to make them simple
Cher Wang is Co-founder and Chairperson of two world famous and successful companies namely – VIA TECHNOLOGIES and HTC. In her stream she is the most brilliant and influential women. She is also known as ‘Pride of Taiwan’. She lives with simplicity and loves to celebrate her birthday with her husband and children.

Jessica Alba : You have the capabilities to become the best; and show the world that you are the best
Jessica is a Co-founder of ‘Honest Company’. She is also one of the famous Hollywood actress and model. After the establishment of company, CNN included her name in the list of 10 successful entrepreneur women. She believes that after all busy schedule in their daily life, the reason behind pleasant familial life is their diet schedule and the quality time she spends with her husband and daughters. As an actress she always tries to keep her family and herself healthy. At the age of 13, she started her career. She believes that every women has some hidden qualities and to become successful they need to know them.

How good you know about your Mother?
Your mother does everything for you that she can. She knows about your habits, your likes and dislikes. She knows you the best anyone would know. Have you ever thought how much you know your mother? I bet you don’t know. So this Mother’s Day on the 11th of May let’s find out by answering some simple questions:
1. Her Favourite Color …………………
2. Her Favourite Food ………………..
3. Her Hobbies ……………….
4. I love my Mother because ……………

She is the one who never fails to flash you a warm smile or give you a comforting embrace, no matter how tiring her day was. So this Mother’s Day, what better way to say “I Love You”, than a heartfelt gift.

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  1. Josh Coffy says:

    Wow! I don’t know my mother that well! Ha! Sarah Blakely’s, “don’t be worried by the small things” is my favorite. We often times get so worried by every small thing in life, that we fail to see the beauty of what we have. :-)

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