Steps to Create an Attractive Twitter Profile

Steps to Create an Attractive Twitter Profile

Having a twitter profile is a common thing as twitter is one of the biggest social networking website where you can know about big and famous personalities. You are able to know their thoughts and even you can tweet them or follow them if you are in favour or love them. As you tweet others views or links you wish the same from others.
I have seen thousands of twitter profile some of them are awful and some of them excellent. Today I am going to tell you how you can have your followers on twitter. You have to simply create an attractive twitter profile. The profile page is very important as it is the first call for anyone who visits your profile. So your profile page must clearly tell three things: Who you are? What Are You About? And last but not least Why You Are on Twitter?

Steps to Create an Attractive Twitter Profile:

1. Choose a Full Unique Name for your profile. You can also use your corporate name with your profile name. For Eg: Person Name is Orange and His business or corporate name is Juice then the twitter Profile name will be Orange at juice.
2. Always be transparent about who you are and why you are on twitter. For Eg: If you are a Salesman then promote your product with twitter.

Attractive Twitter Profile Create and Optimize Twitter Profile
3. Always include your website details if you have. For Eg: this will bring more traffic to your websites.
4. Add a good photo or logo of your company instead of putting any picture.
5. Always use a decent background image for your twitter profile.
These five steps will make your twitter profile more and more beautiful and attractive. So try to follow these while creating your new twitter account or make changes in your existing account to make your attractive twitter profile.

This post was last modified on March 17, 2015

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