Steps to Add Gadgets in Windows Vista

Today we will go through the steps to add gadgets in windows vista and also learn how to customize gadgets. When I was a new user of windows vista I faced many troubles while using it and the most common was to add gadgets in windows vista. Later on after searching a lot on Google I realized that steps to add gadgets in windows vista was very easy. The gadgets in windows vista made desktop appealing which was not possible in windows xp. As a matter of fact gadgets in windows vista eat up a lot of memory but still we love them. Gadgets are the small programs that are developed to perform some specific task. Some commonly used gadgets are clock, calendar, image slideshow etc. Besides these gadgets there are many more gadgets provided by Microsoft by default. You can download more gadgets according to your requirements.

Following are the steps to add gadgets in windows vista:

1.  Go to start button.

2.  Click on all programs.

3.  Navigate to the accessories folder and click on it.

4.  There you will find the windows sidebar menu, click on it

5. As you click on it, the windows sidebar will display, it will show three gadgets including a clock, feed reader and image slideshow.

6. Windows vista has default configuration to display the sidebar at the right side of the screen and show only one sidebar.

Steps to Add Gadgets in Windows Vista and Customize
Steps to Add Gadgets in Windows Vista and Customize
7.  To change default configuration you have to navigate to control panel and click on configure windows sidebar icon.

8.  A wizard will open which allows you to configure the sidebar according to your wish like changing its alignment, number of sidebar on screen, etc.

9.  To change the default gadgets or to add gadgets in windows vista, right click on the sidebar.

10. A pop menu will display, click on add gadgets option.

11. A wizard will open showing all the downloaded gadgets; from here you can select and install gadgets.

12. You can download gadgets, by clicking on the get more gadgets online, found at the bottom of the add gadget wizard.

13. You can also remove any gadget from the sidebar by simply clicking on the close icon, showing at the right side top.

I believe the steps to add gadgets in windows vista mentioned in this post which I have shared will be easy to understand and would help you.


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