Steps to create Wikipedia Article eBook

Wikipedia Article eBook is famous all over the world. Wikipedia is one of the best encyclopedia and articles published on it give full description about the topic from its past to the present almost the history. Sometimes in a single day we need to open the same article of Wikipedia more than once to get the complete information, as the topic is too much explanatory and it is not easy to remember each and every point. This is too much tiring, sometimes internet connection is not working properly, even may be power is cut off  – all this hamper the concentration also. In such a situation we feel that may be it is possible to save this Wikipedia article eBook which could be accessible anytime, anywhere and as many times as we want. No need to have an internet connection with good speed.
For your convenience Wikipedia has introduced the functionality of saving the page (Feature to save the page in .pdf format). Wikipedia article eBook feature proves to be of great help and saves our time and money. No need to open Wikipedia again and again and find the point where we left or book a seat in a cafe for an hour or two or may be more. Wikipedia article eBook feature is best suited for laptops, desktop but it starts creating problems when we try to run the saved .pdf file in mobile phones, tablets and eBook readers. But soon Wikipedia overcome this problem and provided a solution to export the page in ePub format instead of saving the file in .pdf format. ePub format of Wikipedia Article eBook will be easily readable on mobile phones, tablets and eBook reader as it will be supported by these.
Wikipedia Article eBook - Steps to Create eBook (PDF & PUB)
Wikipedia Article eBook – Steps to Create eBook (PDF & PUB)

Steps to create Wikipedia article eBook (PDF):

1. Open the respective article on Wikipedia that you want to convert to e-book.
2. In left side bar, you will find an option print/export.
3. Click on the print/export option.
4. As you click on it, an option to download as PDF for use on laptops, desktops would be available.
5. After the rendering is finished, you will find an option download file to your system, click on it.

Steps to create Wikipedia Article eBook (ePub):

1. Open the Wikipedia article you wish to convert into e-pub.
2. In left side bar of Wikipedia article page, you will find an option Book Creator.
3. Click on the Book Creator option.
4. It will navigate to the page where you will find various options like add this page to your book, show book and suggest pages.
5. Mention the name and sub title for the book you want to create.
6. After giving name, click on add this page to your book option.
7. In right bottom corner of this page, you will find a Download option.
8. Select eBook (ePub) from the download options,
9. Click on download button.
10. After the rendering is finished, you will find an option download file to your system. Click on the download file to your system option and save the file to your system.
So create your own customized Wikipedia Article eBook in PDF format and ePUB format and access it anytime, anywhere offline.


  1. Good and effective post for creating a Wikipedia article eBook. Thank you for giving two way (PDF, ePub) of creating the eBook.

  2. It is really very useful to make e book of Wikipedia. I will like to request you to suggest similar e-books for UPSC prelims and Mains preparations.


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