Smart Homemaker Gadgets and Apps for Women

Smart Homemaker Gadgets and Apps for Women

To become smart is the biggest necessity in the era of technology. Running laptop or an android smartphones are not enough but should know about the homemaker gadgets or apps that make you smart women. These gadgets not only help to learn the management of your home like arranging things at their proper, help to make work time table, help to cook delicious food, maintain the security of your house. There are many gadgets and apps related are available on the internet. Only you have to decide which of these women applications are useful for you, which of these apps make your task easy and represent you as perfect women in front of your friends and family. In this article I have mentioned some Homemaker gadgets and apps that are very helpful in performing your work with perfection.

Best Smart Homemaker Gadgets and Applications

1. Orange Chef Prep Pad Countertop: if family members having meal together and delicious food is in front of you, then topic like calories and nutrition are never come in our mind? The main problem arises when the belly size increases, having acidity, indigestion and stomach – ache. In all these cases, if you have orange chef prep pad countertop app in your smartphone then you can easily control the diet of you and your family members. It is a smart food scale that you can connect with prep pad app and calculate the food contents like calories, nutritional value, carbohydrates and proteins etc.

Orange Chef Prep Pad Countertop Smart Homemaker Gadgets

2. Nest Learning Thermostat: This gadget is capable of adjusting the temperature of the house according to your need. In a week, it will program itself for adjusting the temperature as per your choice. If no one is at home then it will turn off automatically, which safe lot of electricity. Nest Learning Thermostat gadget also helps to reduce the monthly electricity bill by 20%. This gadget comes with the feature of auto-adjust and autoshut program. In case you are at work or out of station then also you can adjust the temperature of house for your children and make them feel cozy by connect this gadget with your smartphone. For this you have to install Nest App in your smartphone. With this app you will receive an alert in case of increasing or decreasing temperature of your house.

Nest Learning Thermostat Smart Homemaker Gadgets

3. Kwikset kevo: Most of the time you get tensed when thinking about the lock of your house. Whenever you go out of the home, you always worried that whether you lock the house properly or not, keep the key after locking the house safely in your purse or not. Know no need to get wrinkles on face by thinking about lock and key as your smartphone is work as a key for you. For this you have to use kwikset kevo then lock will be open whenever you touch smartphone. Kevo is compatible with Ios and Android Lollipop supportable devices. You can connect this with the help of Bluetooth. Before buying this gadget always check the compatibility of this gadget with your smartphones.

Kwikset kevo Smart Homemaker Gadgets

4. SkyBell DoorBell: Every time door bell rings, first think strike in our mind – Who is coming and what’s the purpose of visiting our house? Sometimes you are in middle of some important work or you are in kitchen or in the bathroom. Then either you have to go again and again or keep them ringing the bell. The most irritating moment is that when he tells that he wants to go somewhere else or to your neighbourhood, mistakenly he rang up your bell. If you have smartphone skybell with you then you do not have to face such situations. Attach Skybell at your door and connect it with your smartphone. Then you can see who is ringing the bell and even talk to that person without open the door.

SkyBell DoorBell Smart Homemaker Gadgets

5. Netatmo Welcome Camera: if you are not at home then welcome camera of netatmo becomes the guard of your house. This gadget will look after the security of your house when you are at work or in your absence. What you have to do, you have to purchase this device and install its free camera app in your smartphone. This 6”inch cylindrical camera gives you all the information about your house on your smartphone. It will make a video in a minute of your crying baby; somebody enters in your house and sends it to you. It has a memory space of 8 GB which it uses to store the created video. Once it is full, it automatically delete all the old videos and make space for new recording.

Netatmo Welcome System Smart Homemaker Gadgets

So, women use these Smart homemaker gadgets and app and become an ideal and perfect by securing and maintaining your house.

This post was last modified on November 20, 2015

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