Skype Smileys with Name and Shortcut Code

Skype is the most popular messenger using in corporate sector that is in offices. Everyone is familiar Skype Smileys. A Smiley is the way to express your feeling without using words. Previously Smiley means a happy face. A yellow circle resemble a face, two dots resembles the eyes and the arc represents the smiling mouth.  Now thousands of Smileys are used representing different facial gestures or expressions. They become so common in use while chatting, mailing, messaging and now even use in documents also.
I have created a list of Skype Smileys with their shortcut code to use for Skype while exchanging messages for presenting your views.
skype smileys with shortcut code

Skype Smileys or Skype Emotions :

Skype Smileys or Skype Emotions with shortcut code

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So enjoy the chatting with the Skype smileys and if you know about more smileys then let me know through your comment.

This post was last modified on September 26, 2015

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