Usage of Send To option in Microsoft Windows

I believe almost everyone uses the Send To option. Most of the times you need to copy some important files to a specific location like a specific folder or drive. So you need to go through a long path or you need to switch to many windows and finally after browsing and opening so many windows you are able to do it. Instead you can use the “Send To” option and copy your needful files to the required specific folder or drive. I am mentioning about the send to option in Microsoft Windows.

Let us learn how to copy our important files to the desired location,folder or drive using Send To:

1. Right click on the desired folder where you want to send your important files.
2. On doing this you will find an option of “”create shortcut” below.
3. After clicking on this “create shortcut” option a shortcut folder will be created.
4. Cut this shortcut folder by using right click cut or Ctrl X.
5. Goto My Computers, then goto “C Drive” and further goto “Documents and Settings”.
6. Now click on the folder in which user mode you are currently.
7. On clicking on the user mode folder a “Send To” folder will be visible.

Send To in Windows - Usage to Copy Files to Desired Folder
Send To in Windows – Usage to Copy Files to Desired Folder
8. Paste the shortcut folder that you had cut and which was in your clipboard all this time.
9. Now on which ever file you want to send to this folder for which we created a shortcut, just right click on the desired file and click on send to.
10. You fill find your required folder after clicking on send to option.
11. Click on the required folder in which you wanted to send the files and the files will be copied to that folder.
So, this is how we can use send to option for sending our important files to the required folders.


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