Security Tips for Mobile Banking : How to do Secure Banking with Mobile

Few years ago, we had to stand in a long queue for paying bills like electricity, telephone; booking tickets to travel, to recharge the mobile balance. Inventions make our work easier day by day. We are able to transfer funds, make bill payments through computer and laptops. Everyone does not have these every time but mobile is with us every time. Mobile banking makes all of these simpler. We can make transaction from anywhere and at anytime. Today I will give few safe and secure measures for mobile banking.

Safe and Secure tips for Mobile Banking :

1. Develop Secure Habits: Never hesitate to use your mobile for banking purposes. But first you have to develop some habits; never keep your account number, pin of debit and credit card in your cellphone or emails. If you are using any banking app then never safe your user id and password for automatic login. Never use mobile for banking on public networks. Never text confidential account details through SMS.

2. Use Recognized Banking Apps: Always use recognized app for mobile banking. These are available in official online stores. In these apps, the technique of encrypting information is used to make the secure transactions. Be safe from apps with too many advertisements.

How to do Secure Banking with Mobile
How to do Secure Banking with Mobile
3. Be safe from Spamming Links: Be alert, if any mail from your inbox invites you to click on bank website. This site may be fraud which looks similar to the original one. Never click on any link which you have received in mail or text message from unknown users.

4. Never Share your Confidential Information: Always use secure websites. These websites URL (Unified Resource Locator) starts with Https:// and have lock icon in browser windows. Some time we share our important and confidential information on social media. Some time we click on the link in social websites which are able to make a copy of our address book. Many times we receive a call from unknown number, while talking to them they are transferring data of your phone to them. Now days there are many websites through which we are able to know about the id of caller by using their phone number. These apps can copy your phone book to increase their database.


  1. Hello,
    Amazing tips. Really loved the tips you shared for security of mobile banking.
    I do mobile banking all the time from my phone and I feel really safe. Banks are making very nice apps also.

  2. This is one of the worthy articles I have read so far on secure mobile banking tips.


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