How to Save Tabs in Google Chrome on Exit

When we talk about web browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape Navigator, Opera, Safari, etc. everyone has their own choice. I like using Google Chrome although I know it uses too much resources of my computer but it gives me the fast browsing which I need. I earlier used Mozilla Firefox and so the only feature I was missing was the “Save and Exit Tabs” option in Google Chrome. I asked my colleagues in office about how to configure Google Chrome to remember tabs after restart but no one had a hint although we are all from technical background. I Google often but only when I am exhausted of researching and trying things myself. So while I was checking the settings and configuration to Set Google Chrome to Remember Tabs After Exit I found it. Even in some of the Mozilla Firefox versions you won’t find the Save and Quit Tabs option as it needs to be activated or rather configured. Similarly we need to set Google Chrome to Save Tabs and Exit.

How to Save and Quit in Google Chrome:

1. Open your Google Chrome browser and look for three horizontal lines icon in the right hand side top which would say “Customize and Control Google Chrome”.
2. Left click on the three horizontal lines icon and it will give you a long list of options.
3. Left click on Settings which would be down in the options you see.
4. You would see Sign in and below it would be “On Start up”.
5. Under “On Start up” you will find the second option saying “Continue where I left off” with a radio button to be clicked.
6. Select the “Continue where I left off” option for Google Chrome to remember pages that were open last.

how to save tabs in google chrome after exit
how to save tabs in google chrome after exit
Google Chrome has no save, apply or OK button after changing the settings, so once you have amended the settings or changed the configuration by selecting your options you have enabled Google Chrome to save multiple tabs or pages and exit to open them after restart. Apart from the Save and Exit option you can also bookmark multiple tabs in Google Chrome and restore multiple tabs by opening the bookmarks. If you do not want to go through these hassles you can also use chrome extensions to do this job of save and exit tabs for you. One of such Google Chrome extensions is the Session Manager. The Google Chrome extension Session Manager allows you to save sessions of opened tabs and windows, and easily re-open them whenever you wish.

How to use the Session Manager to save and restore sessions in Google Chrome:

Whenever you like to save the status of your browser, left click on the “Session Manager” icon. Assign a name for your session and then click on Save. Now, when you wish to open the saved session, left click on the Session Manager icon and select the particular session you would like to load and click on Open.


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