How To Save Full Facebook Backup Data with Idrive Cloud in a click

Facebook Backup Data Save with Idrive Cloud in single click

We are going to learn how to fully backup Facebook data in a click as Facebook is the most vital part of our online social life. We upload photos and videos to share our memories and our friends tag us in their photos. There are many options to backup Facebook data like the photos and videos that we upload but you cannot backup all photos at once in which you have been tagged. If a friend unfriends you and untags you or your friend deletes the photos and videos then how are you going to get it back, have you ever thought about it. I don’t think so but that is OK now because you do not need to think about it anymore. How lucky would you feel if you get a one click save button to backup all your Facebook account’s images and photos? You can easily save your Facebook Backup in a click with the help of iDrive cloud. Idrive cloud provides you with five GB data to save your Facebook backup data all free of cost thereby keeping your Facebook social life always alive. Idrive cloud is safe and secure since Idrive never collects, steals or even stores your Facebook details like log in credentials and contacts.
Save Full Facebook Backup Data in one click with Idrive Cloud

How to take a full Facebook backup and save your data with Idrive cloud :

First of all open this website : Idrive Cloud Facebook Backup. Once you have reached the landing page, you have to sign up for the free idrive cloud account which will give you 5 GB space. As soon as you log in to your Idrive cloud free account, a social data backup tab will be visible in the left sidebar. Not only can you backup facebook data but also photo sharing websites like Instagram can be backup using Idrive cloud. Search for the Facebook backup option and enter the required information such as log in credentials which are mostly an email accompanied with password. Once you have entered your credentials it will save your full Facebook backup data. Idrive cloud has a very intelligent filter which avoids files being doubled and so adds new files to the Facebook backup when you save it the second time.
I hope this is going to be helpful for people who use Facebook a lot as this will be great for saving the full Facebook backup data by using idrive cloud. You are just one click away from your full Facebook Backup.

This post was last modified on November 7, 2016

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