Regvac Registry Cleaner – A Review of Best Free Registry Cleaner

I am sure everyone of us has heard about registry, registry editor and registry cleaner. If not then Google it as today we are going to review a registry cleaner which cleans registries from computer. We will be reviewing Regvac Registry Cleaner by Super Win Software Inc. Super Win Software says “When the Windows registry gets filthy this collection of registry cleaning tools will clean it.” Regvac Registry Cleaner is a far exceeding registry cleaner than others. It has 6 cleaners, 3 editors, and 7 tools solve repair the problems, clean up windows, and help your computer running faster and more efficient. Regvac Registry Cleaner has its equipment to fast clean registry, speed up computer, avoid operating system crash, and repair windows and applications to keep it running smooth.

Six Cleaners:
1. Classes Cleaner
2. Stash Cleaner
3. Lists Cleaner
4. Software Cleaner
5. Bad Link Cleaner
6. Junk Cleaner

A Review of Regvac Registry Cleaner Best Free Registry Cleaner
A Review of Regvac Registry Cleaner Best Free Registry Cleaner

Three Editors:
1. Add/Remove Editor
2. OpenWith Editor
3. AutoComplete Editor

Seven Tools:
1. System Configuration Utility
2. Software Cleanup
3. Registry Pack
4. PC Optimizer
5. Monitor
6. Registry Backup
7. Registry Restore

Features of Regvac Registry Cleaner:

A collection of Cleaners, Editors, and Tools for cleaning the Registry of your computer, is what RegVac Registry Cleaner all about. It is written by an Expert Mr. Ray Geide and works with Windows 2000, Windows Other, Windows Server, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2K, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x32, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x32, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8 and Windows 10. The cost of this registry cleaner is 29.95 $US. You can try Regvac free for 30 days and in fact you can keep on using in the trial mode for your lifetime. This trial version is free and available for download on the regvac official website. You can also check the current version information of Regvac Registry Cleaner if you wish to.

Speeding up Computer: Since the computer accesses registry everytime so keeping the registry clean allows the computer to run more efficiently and faster.

Avoiding Crashing of Computer: There are careless coders in almost every popular software companies. Their ignorance puts your computer in danger of a crash. RegVac regularly swipes the bugs out of their computer.

Cleaning your Registry: There are several dirty logs hiding in the computer’s registry apart from the normal dirt that other registry cleaners clean. So other registry cleaners don’t even attempt to get in Regvac`s Stash Vac, Open With Editor, and Autocomplete Editor. Therefore to clean your pc registry completely, regvac is the way to go.

Repairing Windows and Broken Softwares: If anything goes incorrect with the registry the windows or some softwares might get messed up. But there are reports coming from all parts of the world about how RegVac is successfully fixing very crucial and rigid software problems.

Get Free Updates forever: This is only available for paid version users not for the trial version users. So, you pay once for all future updates of RegVac that are free to registered users.

Novice Mode: Are you a novice/noob/newbie/rookie/layman/beginner? If you are one of these and unable to use softwares to clean registry, regvac is for you. The Novice Mode is a safe zone where regvac does things itself with negligible assistance and safely cleans the Registry with one click of the button. It is very easy to use.

Add/Remove Editor: This is the uninstall/install manager same as the programs and features option in windows vista or 7. Add/Remove Pro checks for programs that have been deleted already and then allows you to uninstall those programs and remove entries.

Open With Editor: This is the extension manager feature which lists the extensions that are configured through the Open With dialog box in Windows and allows you to change amend them or remove as well.

System Configuration Utility: This is also known as msconfig and can be opened from run command. RegVac will open the System Configuration Utility and remove entries disabled by msconfig.

AutoComplete Editor: It is related to the internet and web browser as whenever you type something in a browser form, it is saved in the registry. This editor allows you to remove the entries you don’t want.

Registry Backup, Pack and Restore: Regvac also makes registry backups and can restore them when needed. Remove fragmentation from the registry files with Registry Pack.

Undo It: If you want to revert back as we use ctrl+Z to do, similarly, Undo restores registry settings removed by RegVac. So this can be helpful if you have done a mistake while cleaning the registry.

Final conclusion and my review about Regvac Registry Cleaner:

It lacks a very basic and important feature that even free Registry cleaners offer. RegVac Registry Cleaner cleans your Registry, but it denies users the ability to select which entries to delete and which to save. you can’t pick and choose what to fix. It doesn’t give you details about the Registry keys that need to be fixed. It also lacks the features of another cleaner such as Registry defragmentation. However I found Regvac Registry Cleaner has stronger cleaning power in comparison to many other registry cleaners to keep windows running efficiently. Some of the tools in Regvac are not available in most of the registry cleaners.

“When the newest version of AOL crashed, the only way I could get it to work again was to reinstall it. I had 7 AOLs on my computer. Then one day I happened to run RegVac. To my surprise it fixed AOL.
Now before I reinstall software that crashes, I run RegVac.” – Ray in St. Petersburg, Russia.

“Everytime I attempted to install an antivirus program, it crashed my computer. But after running RegVac, I was able to successfully install the antivirus program. Thank you.” – Astra in Janmuiza, Latvia.

If you have questions or suggestions, you can either visit their regvac forum or please contact them at:

Super Win Software, Inc.
719 E. 3rd. Street
Ellsworth, KS 67439
(785) 472-8918

Awards Bagged by Regvac Registry Cleaner:

1. Highest Rating (Award of Excellence) from File Cart
2. Highest Rating (5 stars) from BrotherSoft
3. Highest Rating (5 stars) from PC Soft Land
4. The Smart Award from
5. Highest Rating (5 thumbs up) from
6. Highest Rating (5 stars) from Program URL
7. Highest Rating (5 stars) from Shareware Connection
8. Highest Rating (5 stars) from
9. RegVac received the highest rating (Editor’s Choice) from 123 Free Downloads
10. RegVac received 5 stars (highest) from
11. RegVac received 5 stars (highest) from Top Shareware
12. RegVac received 5 stars (highest) from
13. The Most Popular award from
14. 5 stars (highest) Exceptional Product Award from Geek Files


  1. I think that to say Regvac Registry Cleaner is the most respected little app in the industry might be stretching it just a bit.


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