Real Player Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac Operating System

Below is the list of Real Player Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac Operating System. If you are using Windows Operating System then these Shortcut Keys will not work for real player and you have to use Keyboard shortcuts for Windows. In Mac Os to use keyboard shortcuts you have to enable Universal Keyboard Access in your Mac OS Preferences Option.

Real Player Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac Operating System :

1. CMD+UP ARROW – Volume up
2. CMD+DOWN ARROW – Volume down
4. SPACEBAR – Play/Pause
5. CMD+PERIOD – Stop
6. CMD+LEFT ARROW – Previous clip
7. CMD+RIGHT ARROW – Next clip
8. CMD+DASH – Clear Recent Clip list
9. CMD+\ – Play last clip
10. CMD+O – Open file

Real Player Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac Operating System

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11. CMD+ I – Clip Information
12. CMD+L – Open Clip Location
13. CMD+N – Open new RealPlayer
14. CMD+SHIFT+N – Open new Player Browser
15. CMD+1 – Original size
16. CMD+2 – Double size
17. CMD+4 – Full screen
18. CMD+3 – Maximum Size
19. CMD+A – Select All
20. CMD+X – Cut
21. CMD+C – Copy
22. CMD+V – Paste
23. CMD+H – Hide RealPlayer
24. CMD+P – Prints the contents of the RealPlayer window
25. CMD+D – Add to Favorites
26. CMD+W – Close Real Player window
27. CMD+M – Minimize Real Player window
28. CMD+Q – Quit program
29. CMD+? – RealPlayer help
30. CMD+COMMA – Preferences
31. CMD+OPTION+H – Hide others

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