Real Patriot Son of Mother India Ravindra Kaushik

This story is about an unsung hero, a real patriot son of Mother India Ravindra Kaushik. He was a spy in India’s spy agency RAW. He belonged to Shri GangaNagar of Rajasthan. He completed his graduation at the age of 23. After graduation, he joined RAW.

India already fought with Pakistan and China. Pakistan was preparing for another war against India. When Indian army got this information, in 1975 they sent Ravinder Kaushik to Pakistan as Indian Spy with the help of RAW and he was given the alias name Nabi Ahmed Shakir. There Ravinder Kaushik took admission in Law College of Karachi University and completed his graduation in Law.

After completing graduation, he joined Pakistani Army as spy agent and later was promoted to the rank of a Major from a commissioned officer, and Pakistani Military was not at all aware that they have one Indian spy in there army. He fell in love with a local Pakistani girl Amanat. Ravindra married Amanat and had a girl from his wife. He spend 30 years of his life away from his home and family in Pakistan in very unfavourable conditions, only because of his love for the Nation that is India.

India always stands strongly against every step of Pakistan because of their strategies they have made depending on the information given by Real patriot son of Mother India Ravindra Kaushik. He told every aspect of strategy that Pakistani military had made to win the war, but unfortunately they were never won. In fact he helped India In Kargil War also.

Many times Pakistan prepared a wage war across the borders of Rajasthan in India, only because of valuable information given by Ravinder Kaushik, they would always return to their home with shameless faces.

Real patriot son of Mother India Ravindra Kaushik never led their dreams come true. Indian army killed more than 50 soldiers of Pakistani army in Pahelgaon because they fought with the strategy send by Ravinder Kaushik. Ravindra Kaushik was given the title of ‘Black Tiger’ by India’s then Home Minister SB Chavan.

Real Patriot Son of Mother India Ravindra Kaushik
Unfortunately the secret of Real patriot son of Mother India Ravindra Kaushik was revealed in front of Pakistani army. In 1983, RAW send another agent to meet Ravindra Kaushik. But that another agent was caught by Pakistani Intelligence Agency. When this agent was under interrogation by Pakistan Intelligence Agencies, he disclosed his intent and also identified Ravindra Kaushik. Somehow Ravindra Kaushik ran from there and requested Indian Government for rescue, but Indian Government showed no interest in bringing him to India back after knowing the entire incident that took place in Pakistan. Ravinder was caught by them and they put him in Sialkot jail where he was tortured and interrogated by them and lots of cases and charges were run against him. In jail they bribed Ravindra of leaving him without any charge if he told them all the secrets of Indian Government. The Real patriot son of Mother India Ravindra Kaushik refused to tell them a single word. In 1985 the Pakistan law sentenced him to death but later on it was reduced to life imprisonment. He was thrown in Mianwali Jail for 16 more years where he died in the jail itself due to pulmonary tuberculosis and heart disease in November 2001.

See what Indian Government returned Ravinder Kaushik in favour of 30 years of real patriotism, the Indian Government removed all the records related with Ravinder Kaushik and also threatening RAW to keep their mouth shut in case of Ravindra Kaushik.

What happened to Real patriot son of Mother India Ravindra Kaushik’s family ?

Ravindra Kaushik’s father named J M Kaushik was an Indian Air Force Officer and after retirement his father worked in local textile mill. In 1971, his father got a job in Delhi and he shifted to Delhi with his family. During imprisonment Ravindra Kaushik secretly sent more than a dozen letters to his family mentioning of the torture and pain he was going through. After those letters his father died due to heart attack. In one of those letters, he questioned his father: “Kya Bharat jaise bade desh ke liye kurbani dene waalon ko yahi milta hai?(Is this the reward a person gets for sacrificing his life for India?)”

Ravindra Kaushik’s mother Amladevi wrote countless letters to ministers and government appealing to release her son and bring him home. Now all she wants is : India to recognize and acknowledge her son’s sacrifice made for his country.

Ravindra Kaushik’s brother R. N. Kaushik said : “We don’t want money. What we want from the government is recognition of the contribution by agents as they are the real foundation of the security system.”

Ravindra Kaushik’s nephew Vikram Vashishtha from Jaipur has raised a legal notice on “Ek Tha Tiger” movie’s producers. Vikram says that the story of the movie is based on his uncle’s life and the trailors of the film “Ek Tha Tiger” resemble a lot to his uncle.

His family has driven to the river of sorrow and till date his family hasn’t got any benefit due to government employee, not even pension. All they are given is an allowance of Rs 500 monthly.

Moral of the story “Real Patriot Son of Mother India Ravindra Kaushik”:

One of the Real patriot son of Mother India Ravindra Kaushik  faded in darkness. In this way we lost one of the real patriot Son of Mother India Ravindra Kaushik. True Lover of his Nation, True lover of his Mother India.

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