Real Patriot Son of Mother India Ravindra Kaushik

This story is about an unsung hero, a real patriot son of Mother India Ravindra Kaushik. He was a spy in India’s spy agency RAW. He belonged to Shri GangaNagar of Rajasthan. He completed his graduation at the age of 23. After graduation, he joined RAW.

India already fought with Pakistan and China. Pakistan was preparing for another war against India. When Indian army got this information, in 1975 they sent Ravinder Kaushik to Pakistan as Indian Spy with the help of RAW and he was given the alias name Nabi Ahmed Shakir. There Ravinder Kaushik took admission in Law College of Karachi University and completed his graduation in Law.

After completing graduation, he joined Pakistani Army as spy agent and later was promoted to the rank of a Major from a commissioned officer, and Pakistani Military was not at all aware that they have one Indian spy in there army. He fell in love with a local Pakistani girl Amanat. Ravindra married Amanat and had a girl from his wife. He spend 30 years of his life away from his home and family in Pakistan in very unfavourable conditions, only because of his love for the Nation that is India.

India always stands strongly against every step of Pakistan because of their strategies they have made depending on the information given by Real patriot son of Mother India Ravindra Kaushik. He told every aspect of strategy that Pakistani military had made to win the war, but unfortunately they were never won. In fact he helped India In Kargil War also.

Many times Pakistan prepared a wage war across the borders of Rajasthan in India, only because of valuable information given by Ravinder Kaushik, they would always return to their home with shameless faces.

Real patriot son of Mother India Ravindra Kaushik never led their dreams come true. Indian army killed more than 50 soldiers of Pakistani army in Pahelgaon because they fought with the strategy send by Ravinder Kaushik. Ravindra Kaushik was given the title of ‘Black Tiger’ by India’s then Home Minister SB Chavan.

Real Patriot Son of Mother India Ravindra Kaushik
Real Patriot Son of Mother India Ravindra Kaushik
Unfortunately the secret of Real patriot son of Mother India Ravindra Kaushik was revealed in front of Pakistani army. In 1983, RAW send another agent to meet Ravindra Kaushik. But that another agent was caught by Pakistani Intelligence Agency. When this agent was under interrogation by Pakistan Intelligence Agencies, he disclosed his intent and also identified Ravindra Kaushik. Somehow Ravindra Kaushik ran from there and requested Indian Government for rescue, but Indian Government showed no interest in bringing him to India back after knowing the entire incident that took place in Pakistan. Ravinder was caught by them and they put him in Sialkot jail where he was tortured and interrogated by them and lots of cases and charges were run against him. In jail they bribed Ravindra of leaving him without any charge if he told them all the secrets of Indian Government. The Real patriot son of Mother India Ravindra Kaushik refused to tell them a single word. In 1985 the Pakistan law sentenced him to death but later on it was reduced to life imprisonment. He was thrown in Mianwali Jail for 16 more years where he died in the jail itself due to pulmonary tuberculosis and heart disease in November 2001.

See what Indian Government returned Ravinder Kaushik in favour of 30 years of real patriotism, the Indian Government removed all the records related with Ravinder Kaushik and also threatening RAW to keep their mouth shut in case of Ravindra Kaushik.

What happened to Real patriot son of Mother India Ravindra Kaushik’s family ?

Ravindra Kaushik’s father named J M Kaushik was an Indian Air Force Officer and after retirement his father worked in local textile mill. In 1971, his father got a job in Delhi and he shifted to Delhi with his family. During imprisonment Ravindra Kaushik secretly sent more than a dozen letters to his family mentioning of the torture and pain he was going through. After those letters his father died due to heart attack. In one of those letters, he questioned his father: “Kya Bharat jaise bade desh ke liye kurbani dene waalon ko yahi milta hai?(Is this the reward a person gets for sacrificing his life for India?)”

Ravindra Kaushik’s mother Amladevi wrote countless letters to ministers and government appealing to release her son and bring him home. Now all she wants is : India to recognize and acknowledge her son’s sacrifice made for his country.

Ravindra Kaushik’s brother R. N. Kaushik said : “We don’t want money. What we want from the government is recognition of the contribution by agents as they are the real foundation of the security system.”

Ravindra Kaushik’s nephew Vikram Vashishtha from Jaipur has raised a legal notice on “Ek Tha Tiger” movie’s producers. Vikram says that the story of the movie is based on his uncle’s life and the trailors of the film “Ek Tha Tiger” resemble a lot to his uncle.

His family has driven to the river of sorrow and till date his family hasn’t got any benefit due to government employee, not even pension. All they are given is an allowance of Rs 500 monthly.

Moral of the story “Real Patriot Son of Mother India Ravindra Kaushik”:

One of the Real patriot son of Mother India Ravindra Kaushik  faded in darkness. In this way we lost one of the real patriot Son of Mother India Ravindra Kaushik. True Lover of his Nation, True lover of his Mother India.


  1. Well no doubt he was a brave, courage and a great man. He sacrificed his life for his mother land and lived away from his family and this is the thing which every person cannot do.

  2. The true patriot. He should have more recognition from his country. Salute you !

  3. What happened to his wife amanat and his son? Can any one tell me please?

  4. This work of fiction. Not a convincing one.

    His father served IAF..
    Just after his Bachellor’s, and he got into into PAK’s Intelligence after graduating in law there..and a commissioned officer…!

    A double-agent, and in 1983 was revealed to PAK’s authorities, all due to another RAW agent getting caught, and was sentenced to death in 1985 and got that reduced to life-imprisonment…and after all of these, he could, from the walimian prison help our INDIAN forces in recent KARGIL Incident..

    A PAK born, his love of life.. and married her..had a baby girl..all of these as a master of itself looks so made-up..

    Martyrs, when they tie the shroud up their heads, they embrace their death (of honor) even before their inception into such task as RAW’s..Every moment they live in torture can only bring to them proudful satisfaction..and there would be as such numerous if in thousands of martyrs who end unsung.. INIDA needs many at each front (both internally and counter..)..and this cry of R.kaushik is so unjust..this is another similitude of that of Netaji’s that recently have been a attention(vote)-grabber one for the ruling party here..and comparing it with those of Bhagat Singh’s is really v.unjust..

    Every country has its RKs in tons and even at far more bigger levels of sacrifice..pick-pointing an RK story now..and even if thats true, what way it benefits whom now…
    Other than serving a motivational story for young chaps..

    The story-work is very weak to be an epic and is surely overrated one..all in the garb of patriotism hype..

    Martyrs are Never Dead..

  5. Shaheed Ravindra Kaushik amar rahe. True son of India. The Government of India should adequately compensate the families of all RAW agents killed overseas. They should support their families for the rest of their lives and erect a statue in their memory in the bravehearts place of birth, instead of honoring politicians like S B Chavan.

  6. I have a request to Mr. Vashisht to please let us know more about great ravindra ji and we will always support you in your every action for the justice.

  7. @Asif Hussain
    It is possible that you are mistaken by same names. Possibly he could be an entirely different person we are referring here as Ravindra Kasuhik.

  8. Ravindra was real hero, hats off to this star and government should give him a space in his upcoming war memorial.

  9. RAW is professional agency. Salute to the agency. In the given circumstances every agency disown agent after crack of his cover. It’s part of foreign policy, but every citizen, Government and agency salutes the unsung hero. Ravindra kaushik amar rahe aur aise 100 Ravindra mile to Hindustan padoshi ki sabhi kali kartute khatam kar dega. JAI HIND

  10. I knew Nabi Ahmed personally he was not an army office he was just an auditor in Field Pay office Attock. He was colleague and very close friend of my three elder brothers I do have his few photos standing with my brother . I have lot of information about him to share.

  11. I agree that he is unsung hero. But can anyone enlighten how did he get recruited by RAW unless otherwise its tough to get into RAW.

  12. Citizens are the real government and so every government should focus on the welfare of the humanity instead of spending upon weapons.

  13. This is how the real heroes are being forgotten and they tend to allow their names fade with the sands of time rather than immortalize them, a very touchy story.

  14. RAW will never disclose such incidence with people, it is top secret because its there internal policy but they also respect such brave heart. Jai hind RAW agent Ravindra Kaushik!

  15. I agree with you Sande, a very nice article and I really appreciate the efforts.

  16. I saw the story of RAVINDRA KAUSHIK in TV channel EPIC on 27.12.14. Hats of RAVINDER KAUSHIK for his work for our country. We salute him!

  17. I saw a program on Epic TV on this great Indian spy. Hats off to the Black Tiger. It is really sad that the government has forgotten this great man’s sacrifices.

  18. Hey Shafi, i doubt Ravindra converted to Islam, even if he did so that is totally fine. The story is about India, Pakistan and RAW. It is not about religions like Hinduism or Islam.

  19. The above story looks like a non-fiction story and ravinder kaushik converted to Islam to spy. So, he is a muslim and he married as a muslim and died as a Muslim even if the story is correct, which I don’t believe.

  20. It is perfect time to make some plans for the future and it is time to be happy. I’ve read this post and if I could I want to suggest you few interesting things or tips. Maybe you could write next articles referring to this article. I wish to read even more things about it!

  21. By god he was a super hero, whatever he did for India no body can do this, a great sacrifice even in worst situation what he faced in Pakistan. a salute him and can’t forget his job for the country. but at the same time i feel ashmed that our government did nothing for him, really embarrassing moment for all Indians.

  22. Ravindra is real hero, really it is inspiring me. it is unbelievable that this man had sacrificed his entire life to the country. it is also unfortunate that the great work done for india is not recognised by the government of India due to international law and diplomatic relations. Lets pray God to make his soul rest in peace and also Hats off to his family.

  23. Ravindra is an unsung hero. I really felt like crying after reading how he sacrificed his life for mother India. Such a true sacrifice will never go in vain. Jai Hind!

  24. I salute Mr. Ravindra Kaushik for his patriotism for our country but also ashamed of the useless and shameless government which always gives excuses. His family should get compensation for his life instead of giving crores to ipl players which do not belong to our country even. Such a corrupt government. Hats off to such a mother who gave birth to such a patriot son.

  25. Yes I am sorry it is Operation Triple X. Have you read “Mission to Pakistan”. I am trying to make a stand for martyr Ravinder Kaushik. Actually still people are unaware about his whole story of sacrifice for his beloved mother land. Very soon I’ll give the whole real story to media. He suffered a lot till his last breath for his motherland India. He was true patriot and in no manner he is below to Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Ram Prasad Bismil. The only thing that he belongs to a secret service, how can nation deny his great sacrifice, what he did for motherland no one else can do. Soon enough I will reveal lots of facts with his last picture at Mianwali Central Jail. I only want the nation to know about his whole real story and recognize him as a martyr on records.
    Jai Hind !

  26. It is good to hear from you again Vikram Sir but I am just confused and I believe the book is “Operation Triple X”.

  27. Former Joint director of RAW Maloy Krishan Dhar, wrote a book “mission triple X” on Martyr Ravinder Kaushik’s life.

  28. It is an honour that you visited our blog and took the pain to leave a comment. We will certainly be waiting for your response.

  29. Salute to martyr Ravinder Kaushik, I am maternal nephew of martyr Ravinder Kaushik, I have sent the legal notice to Yash Raj Camp and others, very soon I will share with you lots of information about him and his family, as we are waiting for government response.
    Vikram Vashisth

  30. Manny ji we appreciate your concern for shaheed Ravinder Kaushik ji. We are looking forward to gather some information about his wife and family soon, but we actually don’t want to put some wrong information so we are just looking out for it still through reliable sources. Now talking about the movie Ek tha Tiger, the movie is actually based on his life but it is not rightly shown what happened with him and that is why it was in controversy.

  31. I genuinely feel for da plight of late Mr.Ravinder Kaushik and his family. Bbut what i wanted to know was, what happened to his wife in pakistan and how is his life connected to the movie ek tha tiger.

  32. Ravindra Kaushik did a excellent work for our country, but he didn’t get anything against it, Indian government must help his family and try to do something for them on behalf of Ravindra. It is their duty because he gave lots of important information to government for our country.

  33. Well Pinaljgd, the truth is that the politicians are the most powerful people but never use their power in the right way and also they don’t serve the public. Also all politicians are not the same as we say about the five fingers in our hand.

  34. Hats off to Ravindra Kaushik for his intelligent efforts to save mother India. Anyways, I would like to inform you that he must be aware of this situation which came in front of him as RAW always discuss with all the spies at the time of appointment. Second thing what our system failed to do is protect his family. Which is a shameful thing not only for our so called leaders but also for us. We, the citizens of India as we could do nothing for his family even though he protected us.
    Let us think over and take a strong action against the system. I would like to share with you one thing. Our politicians have made us to forget that we, the citizens of India are the real government of the country and these so called politicians are our public servants. We have the right to ask them any question we like to.

  35. Thanks a ton Abhinav Bro for your true concern regarding Ravindra Kaushik. We have many hidden and unsung heroes whom we don’t know as they are lost in the shades of time.

  36. I really feel sad for the plight of Ravindra Kaushik who did so much for his mother country and in return got nothing. It is good that this article has come up and people are made aware of this. Long live Ravindra Kaushik and all those who sacrificed their entire life for our country.

  37. I have much to say Sir, but it won’t make a difference. Anyways its very motivational that you folks are taking the pain and leaving a comment regarding our political situation.

  38. Our security agencies are protecting (by virtue of discipline) a political class which is not only corrupt and shameless but traitor also. They can do any harm to nation for materialistic gains. Every country has a corrupt political class but we have most corrupt. They have divided us in caste, religion and region. They allow influx from Bangladesh, they appease a particular religion or caste, fought for their votes like street dogs.

  39. No government can accept it has spies anywhere, but to ignore their plight and doing nothing is unacceptable. I only wonder what would had happen, it had been someone from any political family. Our Army had to march to border because of a terrorist attack on Parliament. Never before and never after. Result: Parliament and political families are safe, but not us. Never us. So, this makes me sad, may be a bit mad. But not surprised. Never surprised.


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