World of Headphones – Understand the range of Headphones, Before you Buy

In market different types of headphone are available. You should understand the range of headphones – their features, price and the area of their utilization before deciding to purchase any of them according to your requirement. The wide range of headphones can be divided into three categories – based on its kind, area of utilization and musical headphones.

Range of Headphones – Based on Its Kind :

1. Full Size Headphone: This range includes Around Ear Headphones with big foamy ear cups. They are comfortable in wearing and easily surround ears from all sides. This will help to produce high clarity audio with deep bass sound. They are completely noise resistant that is no outback noises. Generally these are very costly.

2. In Ear Headphone: These are available in various size and shape according to the ears of users. To obtain best results user have to completely suppress them inside their ears. This will produce sound with good bass and isolated from outside noises.

3. Closed Headphones: If you want to use headphones for long duration, then closed headphones is the right choice. These are also around ear headphones with medium size cups. They give tremendous audio output and also isolate environment noises up to certain limit.

4. Behind Neck Headphone: It consists of one neck band with two sound driver units. When you are not wearing them, you can connect the two units and hang it on your neck with the help of neck band. They are light weighted and easy to handle. They produce average audio sound with little bass.

Range of Headphones Features Specification Price Before You Buy
Range of Headphones Features Specification Price Before You Buy

5. Clip-Ons Headphones: In these headphones there are clips behind each ear units. With these clips you can easily adjust them on your ear. They are easy to manage – user does not have to make adjustments if roaming in a room or moving from one place to other as they never fall down from your ears. They are not able to produce very loud and deep bass.

6. Ear Pads: These are Around Ear Headphones with ear pads instead of ear cups. These are very comfortable and cozy. Mostly these are used by the youth to watch movies and listening to music but ear pads are not able to restrict the outback noises completely and even do not produce deep bass.

7. Ear buds: Ear buds are very cheap in price and usually provided free with music players. They are easily portable due to their small size. Ear buds give moderate audio output and bass.

8. Noise Cancelling: These are also known as Wireless headphones. They produce very deep bass with good audio output due to their big ear cups. They are wireless – so easy to manage and you can also fold them. They are best suited to the person who loves to travel. Because of the ear cups size there is no outside noise disturbance to the user while listening to their favourite music.

Range of Headphones – Based on Its Usage :

1. Bose SIE2 : Sports or Workout headphones

Features are:
• Totally balanced audio with crisp high and deep low notes
• StayHear ear tips remain in place even during workouts
• Sweat and weather resistance used for workouts, indoor and outdoor
• Reebok fitness armband holds your device during exercise
• Inline remote that offers convenient control over the music
2. Bose Quiet and Comfort: Travelling Headphones
Features are:
• High-performing noise reduction for home, work or travel
• Comfortable, on-ear fit for hours of easy listening
• Includes two audio cables, one with microphone – remote for iPhoneiPod control and other for hands-free iphone calling
• 25 hours of use on average from rechargeable Li-ion battery; includes charger
• Fold-flat ear cups rotate at 90 degrees for easy storage in the pouch
3. Steelseries Siberia V2: Gaming Headphones
Features are:
• Passive noise reduction through leather padded cushions
• Invisible and hidden microphone in left ear-cup
• Have large sound drivers to produce tremendous audio output with deep bass
4. Logitech Ultimate: Voice call Headphones
Features are:
• Compatible with different types of mobile phones, tablets and smart phones
• Able to make calls with them – have inline volume control and microphone

Range of Headphones – Musical Headphones :

1. Creative EP – 630: In- Ear headphone
Features are:
• Ultimate audio clarity with 9mm Neodymium magnet transducer
• Soft ergonomic silicon in ear buds provide noise cancellation
• Extra set of alternate sized ear buds make the perfect fit
• Oxygen-Free copper cable for uninterrupted music transmission
2. Sennheiser HD-203: Closed Headphones
Features are:
• It is stylish closed lightweight headphones.
• Semi around the ear dynamic headphones.
• Excellent attenuation for external noises.
• Neodymium magnets and lightweight diaphragms capable of high audio output.
• Extremely comfortable to wear for monitoring sessions.
• 3.5mm and 6.3mm jack help to plugin any device and play the music.
3. Skull Candy Lowrider: Ear Pad headphones
Features are:
• Cushion ear pieces.
• 1.2m cord length.
• Inline volume control.
• Adjustable headband.
• 3.5mm jack.
• 40mm driver.
• Available in funky color schemes.
4. Sony MDR G45LP: Behind the Neck Headphones
Features are:
• Neodymium magnet reproduces powerful bass sound.
• Non-slip design helps to stay on the ears during various activities.
• Pressure relieving cushion ear cups.
• Lightweight and comfortable fit.
• 30 mm Headphone Driver Units.
5. Sennheiser RS110 II: Wireless Headphones
Features are:
• Wireless transmitter broadcasts a powerful signal.
• Excellent sound reproduction.
• Rich bass response.
• Perfectly suitable for all types of modern music and TV applications.
• Receives reception through walls, ceilings and outdoors.
• Range of up to 100 meter.
• Volume and tuning controls located on the Ear Cups.
• Lightweight and comfortable


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