PUSHBULLET App – Send Notifications from Computer to Android Phones and Tablets

If you are working on your computer and want to send some push notifications to your Smartphone then PUSHBULLET App helps a lot.

What is PushBullet App :

PushBullet Application is for android users. With this app you can send notifications from your computer browsers to you and your friends Android Phones and tablets or from your android device to your PC. Not only notifications but it makes easy to push messages, pictures, links, files, notes, addresses and reminders under notification option.

Why to use PushBullet App :

There are many reasons why PushBullet android application is so popular and few of them are listed below:
1. It transmits data quickly, easily and reliably
2. PushBullet takes full advantage of new features of android
3. It seamlessly integrates with Android’s notification tray
4. It is easier than using emails and faster than drop box

PUSHBULLET App Send Notifications from your Computer to Smartphone
PUSHBULLET App Send Notifications from your Computer to Smartphone

What Things Push by Pushbullet App:

1. Links: opens right into your browser from notifications to get a fast and easier access
2. Pictures: Uploading and downloading of images from your computer to your android phone is not so easy ever as they take a lot of time, but PushBullet instantly sends picture under notifications
3. List: In this you have to type to-do list in your browser and push the list to your Smartphone. The list is shown in the notification tray, if you click on it. It will navigate to checklist where you can check things off as you completed
4. Addresses: You can push addresses to your phones. As you click on address, app will take you right into Google map where you get easy access to directions
5. Files: You can push files to your notification tray from your system. As you click on the file, pushbullet starts downloading automatically
6. Notes and Reminders: You can send Notes and reminders like birthday of your family members or daily task etc. to your Android phone under notification tray
Where Can I use push notifications by PushBullet App :

1. To your Android or Smartphones – push quick reminder, to-do list, a picture and link etc.
2. To your friends Android Phone or Smartphones – Share pictures, links and meeting place
3. To your personal computer
To download Click Here.



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