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Music is a vital part of our life and I love playing musical instruments online. Music relaxes our mind, keeps us fresh and free from depression. Music does not have any starting and ending. Music is everywhere – in music instruments, in the laugh of children, in twittering of birds. Music has some kind of attraction; no one can deny that they are attracted by one or other kind of music as some like hip-hop or rap whereas somebody likes soft rock. Now music has become a renowned way to earn money. Some people not only love listening to music but they make it their occupation.

There are many people who want to play musical instruments, many of them learning from somewhere like from institutes or playing musical instruments online. But what about those who cannot fulfill their dream of playing musical instrument due to some reason. Not only for such people but anyone can learn playing musical instruments online by

Steps for Playing Musical Instruments Online:

1. Type in the address bar of the browser and open this website.
2. It provides the facility of playing musical instruments online piano, guitar, drums, freestyle mixer and many more.

Playing Musical Instruments Online Buttonbeats com Virtual Music
3. At homepage you will find pictures of varieties of musical instruments.
4. Select the instrument you want to play from the picture.
5. Use mouse control or keyboard control for their buttons and strings.
6. You can also search the website song library for which you want to practice on the selected instrument by typing the song name in the search box at the homepage.
7. You can also record your practice session by using recording facility in the main menu. was launched by Jason in August 2007. Everett, Ariel and Stephan are few friends of Jason who are involved in helping him with the website.
So guys make your dream come true without any investment. Just need a little time and dedication for playing musical instruments online.

This post was last modified on May 1, 2015

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