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Clixsense Genuine Paid to Click Website

Clixsense is the most trusted Paid to Click (PTC) website which pays high. It was online in February 2007 and is one of the best genuine paid to click website with high payout. Approx 2.15 million worldwide have become a registered member of Clixsense and it has paid $2.57 million till now. Clixsense pays you 1 cent per click and 5-10 cent for each referral. The minimum payout is $8 and when you reach $6 clixsense will start paying you some extra money. Clixsense is most trusted and oldest genuine Paid to click website. Clixsense is basically a pay per click marketing website. If you are interested and you want to earn some real money online, then I have discussed each point to be kept in mind while working with it like how to create an account, ways to earn money by PTC ( paid to click) with clixsense.

First of all you have to visit the website. Type in the address bar of any browser and open it. There you have to click on the sign up button for registration, follow the instructions and start earning money by visiting other websites and clicking the advertisements.

Clixsense Genuine Paid to Click Paid to Click AdsReferalPlay Games

Ways to earn through Clixsense ( Paid to click ) website :

1. Earn up to $ 0.02 per click for viewing advertisements.
2. Earn up to $ 0.08 per referral Click for viewing advertisements.
3. Earn various types of commission through affiliate program.
4. Win up to $5 everyday by playing clixgrid game and try your luck.
5. Earn additional income by completing surveys.
6. Earn through completing various tasks like downloading softwares, shopping, filling out forms, playing games online and much more.
7. You can have any numbers of referrals.
8. You can receive payment via Check, PayPal and Payza.

Ways to earn for Premium members through Clixsense paid to click website:

1. You will get 4 x $0.01 guaranteed ads daily.
2. You will get lots of $0.001 ads daily.
3. Get ad credits worth of $2.40 free. You can redeem these ad credits for:
a) 1000 clicks on 3 secs ( Micro Exposure) or
b) 200 clicks on 15 secs ( Mini Exposure ) or
c) 100 clicks on 30 secs ( Standard Exposure ) or
d) 50 clicks on 60 secs ( Extended Exposure ).
4. $0.50 signup commission for level 1 referral.
5. Earn $1 for level 1 referral clicking.
6. Earn 10 % of task completed by level 1 referrals.
7. Earn $2 as upgrade commission for upgraded level 1 referral.
8. Earn $1 as upgrade commission for upgrading referrals levels from 2 – 8.
In these ways you are paid money for doing almost nothing.

Cost to become Premium member at Clixsense paid to click website?

Clixsense offers very low price of $17.00 to become a premium member. The membership is valid for one year.

How clixsense paid to click website beneficial for Advertisers ?

Companies are always looking for low cost, affordable advertising campaigns. Now there search is over for advertising campaigns. Clixsense provides a unique valuable advertising system that brings targeted traffic to your business.

Various Advertiser benefits to Choose Clixsense paid to click website:

1. Have many low cost, affordable packages.
2. Provides hundreds of potential customers.
3. No redundancy, no repeat that is only one click per member.
4. Make ads visible free to non members.
5. Uses Anti – Cheating Protection program.
6. Discounts on bulk advertising.

Clixsense bring unique and targeted traffic to the industries website in very low and affordable costing. Clixsense is not only beneficial for advertisers but for members also as they get paid to click ads on website.

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