Online free tools and Guide to Prepare Infographics

Online free tools and Guide to Prepare Infographics

In the present time, infographics are given more importance as compare to Microsoft power point to prepare presentations to represents facts and figures. The main reason behind using infographics is the way of representing items in a very innovative and presentable way in a single picture.

What do you mean by infographics and why it is so useful:

Infographics is the mixture of text, images, data, graphs and flowcharts through which information is conveyed to the user in a stepwise procedure. Sometimes user thought it is not easy to make infographics but it is not very true. You can prepare infographics easily and in less time as compare to presentation (ppt). Now a days, many free web tools are available on the internet which are used to fulfill this task for you very easily.

Steps to design attractive and innovative infographics :

1. To make infographic, first of all you have to open website or online tool from the below list.
2. As you reach landing page, you find a ‘get started’ button to register in it.
3. You can also register or login with your Google, Facebook and twitter account.
4. Now you can select any template from the given free multiple templates.
5. According to your requirement add charts, icons, maps, graphs, videos, images and create infographics of your choice.
6. Then you can publish it on your website or blog.
7. Even you can share it on social media sites.
8. Keep it save in your hard disk of your computer or laptop for further assistance.
Through this website you can embed your charts in your documents and take them where you want them. It also provides the facility to download infographics you created. Infographics always make the data attractive which increase traffic on your website. Infographics explains the purpose, products and services your company provides to the user. Beside this website there are many more online tools which helps to make infographic.

Infographics Complete Guide list of infographics tools

List of online free tools to create infographics :


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