Online Tool to Check Load Time of your Website

Load time is the time taken by the website to load from server to your system. In blogging load time matters a lot, if your website takes more than expected time to load then people will move for other options. It will reduce the traffic generated on your website and there is a theory behind it.
Performance of website is directly proportional to the load time is a website which provides the online tool to check the load time of your website from various parts of the world. It will help you to see how fast your website loads in different browsers from 50 different cities of the world.

Features of the tool that Check the load time –

1. Calculate the load time of any website.
2. Also check the load time of any webpage if you wish.
3. Provides the screenshots of your website at different time while checking the load time.
4. Show errors or warnings, if occurred.
5. It is a totally free and online tool to check the load time.
6. Use four different browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome) to calculate load time.
7. Evaluate load time from 50 different cities of the world.
8. Provide Waterfall Chart for each element of your website with its load time.
9. You can select the specific location and browser for subsequent checking.

What you have to do is enter the URL of any website and hit Go. Wait for few seconds while loading takes place. Then it will show the load time of the entered website at any random location. You may also choose any particular city with browser and then check the load time. So, evaluate your website load time by using website.


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