Best Free Online Image Optimiser – Online and Desktop Version

What is the online image optimiser? is the best online image optimiser. It is a website which provides you the free service of compressing and resizing your images thereby optimizing the images. is a product of Geeks Ltd., which is a Software Development company in London.

Why do you need the an online image optimiser to optimize your images?

I am aware that there are many free online image optimiser services and plugins other than which optimizes the image online for you but has very interactive and user friendly interface which can be understood and used by a layman like myself. It also provides you with the particular necessary options to customize the image.

Best Free Online Image Optimiser net Online and Desktop Version
Best Free Online Image Optimiser net Online and Desktop Version

Why do we need a free online image optimiser to optimize images?

We often use images to make our posts or articles more attractive,expressive,interactive,beautiful and self – explanatory. Sometimes it is a must to use the image as it is necessary in relation to the topic of our article or post. We also need to upload images to use in as a profile picture or so called avatar, namely Gravatar in WordPress. Some business need to use images or pictures for their store, product or employees even. In a nutshell we cannot deny the usage of images in our posts,articles,website or blog. The biggest challenge is that the images or pictures we upload from our cell phones or cameras are very Huge. So if we use such large size images in the website it will actually slow down the website or blog. That is the reason why we need to resize, compress and optimize our images to be used in website or blog.

Let us know more about the online image optimiser: the free online image optimiser provides you total of six Quality options namely Minimum File Size, Very Small File Size, Small File Size, Normal, High Quality and my favourite the Best Quality. In the Online Image Optimiser the maximum width can be 1200 and the maximum width can be 900 which is the default for the optimized output image. Online Image Optimiser is very fast in giving you the optimized image output and you can also optimize bulk images at a time. For me it sometimes gives be a 50% optimized output. You can Download the software for free on your computer to resize and compress your images with a single click. You just need to register before downloading the Image Optimizer desktop version by filling in the form which asks you for first name,last name,email and company’s name. To optimize a single image once you have installed ImageOptimizer, right-click on your image file in the windows explorer and select the option of “Optimize Here” from the options given. You will get the optimized image output in the same folder where you have the original image. Now to optimize every image in a folder you have to right click on the original images folder and select the “Optimize Images” option from the menu. When it is done optimizing the images, it will provide you with the option to go to the folder of optimized images. Regarding the animated gif images the Image Optimizer only optimizes the first frame of the gif image file. As a result the optimized output image file will not be an animated gif image file. Every free stuff has a drawback and similarly the optimized output image file by the Desktop Image Optimizer displays a promo text in the bottom. To avoid this you can just upgrade the Desktop Image Optimizer only for £49.

What do you think now? Aren’t the optimized images better than bulky large huge images. The optimized images are far more suitable for your websites, blogs, profile pages, attachments in emails, or even to be stored on to your hard drive to save some space. So folks go ahead, use this free online image optimiser service provided by and I know you will love it.



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