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With the practice of cloud computing, the use of shared folder becomes very popular now –a –days. Shared folders are those folders in which you put your all junk data and shared these folders with anyone. There are many websites like Dropbox and Skydrive provides facility to create shared folders online.
There are few limitations with these websites like: First you have to register and become their member, and then only you are able to create shared folders. Secondly the shared folders which you have created are shared with a particular group of members that is with the registered members of these websites. In these websites to share data you have to first send invitations to other members.

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Keeping these drawbacks in minds, Onetimebox project is created under MIT license built by oliver and powered by meteor. is an open source application to create shared folders online. As it is an open source web app you can check Github for source code. In you do not have to register or become a member. Its interface is also very simple and attractive where you will find “Create your Folder” button.

Create Open Folder for Easy Sharing with onetimebox org
Create Open Folder for Easy Sharing with onetimebox org
To create shared folder you have to simply click on that button. It will take you to the next screen where it gives option to “Drag and Drop Files” to add files in your shared folder or click on “Alt: use the advance uploader” with this option you can upload files from various options given in ink file picker options like Facebook, Google Drive, Picasa, Instagram , Dropbox etc directly to your created shared folder. When uploading is finished it provides you with a unique URL which you can share publicly with anyone. Once user open link he has full access on the shared folder even can delete the shared file also. The maximize file size is 1 GB and you can upload unlimited files. The lifespan of shared folder is one week.


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