Why Network Security is Necessary and Few Techniques to Maintain?

Online banking and e-commerce became famous on internet and with this network security also becomes important. In both technologies you have to enter your private information online like credit card details, debit card details, bank account details etc. Did you ever tried to know about some basic methods that saves your information from unauthorized access? Do you know why network security is necessary? You use internet for many purposes, so you should be aware of the basic terms used for network security. The basic techniques that saves your personal information from hackers, who try to hack your personal information and harm you in many ways.

Main techniques used for network security:

1.Encryption (maintain your privacy)
The main reason of network security is to send messages and information from source to destination without any hurdle from network traffic. The privacy of sender and receiver is most important, for this the technique called Encryption is used. The message is send in some coded form (encrypted form) and receiver get the message in the same coded form and able to read the message in text format if have a key or password required to convert the message from encrypted from to text format.
2.Message Integrity (security of message)
For security of message in the network, a technique called Message Integrity is used. In this technique, receiver receives the real mail send from the sender instead from the mail send from the hacker’s (such mails are called spam mails). In this first sender have to prove that the message send by him and then receiver have to successfully proved that the message send by his known person. On the basis of it security of message is decided.

necessity of network security and techinques to maintain
necessity of network security and techinques to maintain
3.Digital Signature(security of document)
Digital signature is the signature in electronic format. All the electronic documents used these digital signatures to prove their network security.
4.Firewall (security of private network)
Firewall will restrict the entry of unauthorized internet users to access any information from private network.
5.Cryptography (algorithm for network security)
Cryptography is a technique in which message or information travels in coded format within the network. It uses encryption and decryption algorithm for converting cipher text to encrypted form and encrypted to cipher text.
This is not all, these are some techniques used for network security that is your messages, information, security of documents and many more. There are many other techniques which are also used for network security. I think now you know little not much about the importance of network security and the techniques used to fulfilled the purpose of maintain network security.


  1. The security of networking is very important and the ways you have mentioned are very helping, Thank You.


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