Learn Monsoon Healthy Habits : Monsoon Health Tips

Monsoon Safety Mantras for a Happy Rainy Season : When the rainy season starts, we have to take special care of our eating habits as they directly impact our health. Little bit of ignorance towards our eating habits, will result in bad health or any environmental disease. Whenever there is a change in weather or temperature, we should change our daily habits and have control on our diet. So in today’s article we will increase our awareness towards monsoon health tips. This article of monsoon health tips includes what to do and what should we not do, to be healthy this monsoon.

Best Monsoon Healthy Habits Tips:

Monsoon season is not only known for rain but it is also known for diseases. With greenery and lovely environment it comes with so many diseases. The rain water accumulates and give rise to mosquitoes which result in so many deadly and communicable diseases. That is why we should be extra aware of our habits. We should control our eating habits like try to ignore eating snacks from local vendors and do not purchase snacks which are not covered. If we are able to embrace some monsoon healthy habits than we can keep us protected from so many monsoon diseases. Let’s know about what do we mean by monsoon healthy habits and what are they.

Learn Monsoon Healthy Habits Monsoon Health Tips Happy Rainy Season
Learn Monsoon Healthy Habits Monsoon Health Tips Happy Rainy Season

Some Monsoon healthy habits:

1. In monsoon season, we should try to have easily digestible vegetables in our meals like bottle-gourd (ghiya), ridged-gourd (turai), round-gourd (tindey) and Petite yellow lentils (moong daal).

2. Try to eat bread of Oats, Barley (jau) and Pearl Miller (bajre) flour mixture.

3. Drink Herbal tea like cumin tea (jeera), mint tea (pudina), carom tea (ajwain). Try to make these Herbal tea at home.

4. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables only.

5. In this rainy season, we can easily catch cold and cough. So to protect us from cold and cough have one full teaspoon mixture of black pepper powder with chickpea (chane).

6. Drink mixture long Pepper (Peepli) powder and black salt in lukewarm water. It will keep you healthy in monsoon.

7. In this rainy season fasting is one the best method to keep our body healthy. While on fasting eat only seasonal fruits.

8. In meals always add curd (dahee) and buttermilk (chhaach).

9. Always eat less spicy and oily food in monsoon.

10. Eat kichdi once in a week, this will increase your digestion capacity. Khichdi is made from rice and lentils and could also have bajra and mung dal kichri.

What to keep in mind to stay healthy in monsoon:

1. In Rainy or monsoon season, all insects comes out of Earth and get stuck on fruits and leafy vegetables, that is why try to use leafy vegetables as less as you can.

2. Be extra active while eating Lichi as its outer coating have so many small insects can make you sick.

3. Never buy juices of fruits and vegetables from local vendors in rainy season as mosquitoes and flies sit on them which causes many diseases like dengue, malaria and typhoid.

4. In monsoon season, the number of bacteria increases in wind, so try not to keep and use already cut vegetables for long.

5. Our digestion power gets weak during rainy season so try to avoid the usage of spicy and oily snacks (pakodi and kachori).

6. In Monsoon, try to keep distance from non vegetarian foods. The non-vegetarian food carries lots of bacteria in rainy season.

7. Do not use tamarind (Imli) and lemons (nimboo) in monsoon as they cause water retention.

8. Do not use mango in monsoon as it generates cough which is not good for our health.

Let’s learn Monsoon Health Tips:

To keep your body and mind healthy in monsoon, we will share some important monsoon healthy habits with you all.

1. Always keep these important things with you during rainy season like umbrella and rain coat as in monsoon rain can occur at any time and at any place. If we have these things with us they protect us from getting wet in rain which leads to illness.

2. Beware of Street food:
In Monsoon people love to eat fried and spicy street food. Sometimes rain water mix in the oil, juices and snacks which spoil all the eatable and drinkable things of local vendors. Impurities and dust mix in rain water which when mixed with fried food, snacks and juices spoils all of them. If we consume these things we will definitely fall sick and have to face many seasonal diseases. That is why, old people always recommend the use of distilled water and avoid eating street food.

3. Be safe from mosquitoes :
In monsoon, population of mosquitoes increase as accumulated water at distinct places is best for their reproduction. So always clean the cooler water once a week and check other areas of your home like water pots, flower pot, well and aquarium where water is reserved for long. So always cover these things, never let them open for rain water and mosquitoes. Use insecticide to clean them because of mosquitoes laying their eggs could be a initiator of all the trouble.

4. Drink Herbal Tea :
In Monsoon, drink herbal tea to increase your immunity to fight against insects and bacteria due to its anti bacterial behavior.

5. Never do Scratching:
If mosquito bites you, try not to scratch as the flu viruses enters through our mouth, nose and body. Try not to touch the area of your body time and again where mosquito bites. Always keep handkerchief with you, use it before sneezing or if someone sneezes in front of you, then keep handkerchief on your nose and mouth as flu is communicable disease.

6. Be safe from Skin Infections:
In monsoon, dirty water accumulates in very large quantity in toilets, pits, drainage system. It slowly starts coming out of them on roads. When we walk somewhere due to work and come in contact with such dirty and poisonous water, it will cause skin infections. In rainy season always try to cover all body parts with clothes. They protect us from mosquito bites as well as the skin infections cause by polluted rain water.

7. Always wash your Hands:
In monsoon, make it a habit of washing your hands multiple times or even use sanitizer to keep your hands clean. This monsoon habit keeps you always healthy. Hands are the main source of viruses to enter our body, as hands comes in contact with eyes, mouth and nose frequently. If we keep our hands dirty we directly give invitation to many diseases. Always wash your hands with soap before meals and use sanitizer after handshaking or touching things of infected person.

8. Monsoon tip for Diabetes and asthmatic patient:
Always keep in mind that never sleep near wet walls specially diabetic and asthmatic patients during monsoon as it generates fungus in our body which proves to be very harmful.


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