Money never makes rich

This story tells us that money never makes rich in this world. Once upon a time there a was family, they were very rich and spent very luxurious and lavish life. They have everything in their life money, home, business, lots of food but the son of this family is not responsible, he was very ruined. One day Dad thought “Why can’t take a few days trip to a village and take his son with him to show him how poor someone can be. Actually he want him to taught a lesson so that he can become capable and handle his responsibilities. They spent few days on the farm of a poor villager with his family. While returning to home, Dad asked to his Son, “Hows your trip to village?” Son replied, ” Its wonderful and this trip is my best one vacations I had ever in my life and Enjoyed a lot. Then Dad again asked him, “Did you see how poor the villager and his family, how they live their life?” Son replied, “Dad they have three dogs, we have one, We have small garden in our house to play, they have very big land to farm, they have big rivers to swim , we have small pools in our backyards, they grow their own food, we have to buy from the market, they have many friends to protect them in any problem, we have big walls and guards. Then they continue headed towards their home.
Son said to his father, ” Dad thanks for showing me how poor we are and that money never makes rich.”
Money never makes rich
Money never makes rich

Moral of the story “Money never makes rich :”

Like son release that money never makes rich to anyone, its brings status but not real happiness.Its only simplicity of having God in our lives. As much you believe in God, It fulfill all your dreams and shower lots of happiness in our lives.


  1. It is quite good story my dear friend Kundan, keep it up, but there are few mistakes made in story, please make it correct, and read the story one more time.


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