Earn Money Reading SMS with mGinger.com – Never Paid

I think you have heard about Mginger from your friends or read about it over the internet. But if you don’t understand what it is all about, then buddy you are at the right place. mGinger is the simplest way to earn money by reading SMS on your mobile. Yes just for reading or say’s just to open a SMS received from mGinger you get paid.
Friends let me summarize for you everything about mGinger and its all features which pays you cash in return. Not only receiving SMS but its other features like Emails, Contests, Invite and many more. So let us Start – mGinger is a Bangalore based company run by Gingersoft Media Pvt. Ltd. They basically work on advertisements and send messages to their subscribers that are members about the discounts and schemes on various products for publicity. This company basically deals within Indian Network and is not applicable for network outside India.

Is mGinger really worth and do they pay the earned amount?

Read the reviews and then only you will believe, it has very genuine feedback from the members. Just Google mGinger reviews or feedback whatever you wish to search. Once you are credited Rs.300 in your account, you will be send a cheque of the amount as mGinger is 100% legit. It always pays the amount to their members on time.

Earn Money Reading SMS with mGinger.com - Never Paid
Earn Money Reading SMS with mGinger.com – Never Paid

Various ways to earn money from mGinger:

1. SMS
mGinger will credited Rs 3 the moment you verify your mobile number.
You will earn Rs 0.20 for every sms you will receive.
You will earn Rs 0.10 for every sms your referred friend receives.
You will earn Rs 0.05 for every ad your friend’s referred friend receives.
2. Emails
As you verify your email id mGinger will credited Rs 1 to your account.
You will also get paid emails and will be credited Rs 0.10 each time you read a new one.
3. Referrals
mGinger will be paying you Rs 2 for each referral you add to your network.

You can visit the website and you can register as well. Although with mGinger you can’t earn huge money, but it provides various ways to earn as more referral more income. mGinger is legit, reliable and actually pays their members on time.


  1. Earn money with your Mobile.
    Does not required of PC or Laptop to earn.
    That website really pays money to you. Get Rs.100 for just registering to this.
    Register in few minutes. Verify mobile and Email. You can earn money by reading SMS received from mginger.
    So register today and Earn.
    Earn more from Referrals.

  2. Well Chandan I am not taking you wrong but that is your point of view and I appreciate your concern but amulyam gives you free online mobile recharge as per I know and mGinger gives money. Also there are many of my friends who have been making money through these websites, its about how much you work hard.

  3. Hey don’t take me wrong but mGinger or rupeemail are waste of time it takes years to earn your withdraw amount instead use amulyam or embeepay they are much better.

  4. You have done everything correct till now, please login your mGinger account and check your earnings. It will take atleast 24 hours for your mobile number to be updated in their database according to the preferences you will set. Verify your email address to get Rs.1. Also you will receive paid emails once you have verified your email id.

  5. I have registered my mobile number. Please advise me what is the next step? As it does not seem to be working for me? I received a message that my mobile is registered but what should I do next. Should I also verify my email id and should I send invites to my friends only den this will work is it?


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