Lyrics Plugin to display Song Lyrics in Windows Media Player

If you fond of music and love singing then you need lyrics. Looking for the way to display song lyrics when you play songs in windows media player? Today I will present few simple steps to fulfill this task. To view song lyrics of the song in windows media player you need Lyrics plugin. This is an addon facility which helps you to enable or disable the display of songs lyric. Below steps will help you to understand the whole process from downloading to the usage of this lyrics plugin in windows media player.

Display Song Lyrics when you Play Songs in Windows Media Player with Lyrics Plugin:

Steps to Install Lyrics Plugin of Windows Media Player-

1. Download the Lyrics plugin from Lyrics Plugin
2. When downloading is completed, install the plugin.
3. After installation finished, start the windows media player.
4. Enable lyrics plugin.

Lyrics Plugin to display Song Lyrics in Windows Media Player
Lyrics Plugin to display Song Lyrics in Windows Media Player

Steps to view song Lyrics in window media player by using lyrics plugin:

1. Open window media player
2. Select some songs and start playing those songs
3. Switch to Now Playing Mode.
4. As click on it, You will have Songs lyrics in front of you.
5. Whenever you switch to Now Playing mode and your internet connection is on then is will display the lyrics if available.
6. You will find three more options: edit (helps to edit the lyrics of the songs if needed); Search Google (helps to search Google for lyrics is not available); Configure (helps to do setting like font size, font color etc.)

Disable lyrics plugin in Windows Media Player :

1. From the menu select Tools
2. Select Plug-ins and uncheck Lyrics Plugin

Features and Limitations of Lyrics Plugin :
1. Display Songs Lyrics in real time
2. You can add or edit Songs Lyrics
3. Once install cannot be uninstalled you can only disable it.
4. If lyrics is not available sometime popup alert will annoy again and again until the song will finish.


  1. The plug-in is a little short and it should automatically find lyrics of the song being played. I prefer to use Minilyrics and imonkey media player instead of using windows media player.


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