List of Items for Diwali Poojan Samagri

List of Items for Diwali Poojan Samagri
Many important materials(samagri) are required to perform the Diwali Poojan. Few important thing which are required in Diwali poojan are listed below. Please share this article with your friends and family so that they can collect the articles before and in easiest manner. If any essential items are missing please let me know so that we can update it.

Diwali Poojan Samagri in Hindi and English:

Lakhsmi Pujan Samagri [लक्ष्मी पूजन की सामग्री]

अक्षत (आधा किलो साबुत चावल) [Half kg Basmati Rice]
रोली [Roli]
हल्दी का पावडर [Turmeric Powder]
चन्दन का चूरा [Sandal Powder]
अष्टगंध [Kesar Powder]
कलावा [Kalawa Thread]
कपूर [Camphor]
नारियल [Coconut]
गोला [Dry Coconut]
श्री फल [Fruits]
बताशे []
मिठाई (लड्डू) [Sweets]
साबुत धनिया [Corinader Seeds]
फल [Fruits]
सूखा मेवा [Dry Fruits]
खील [Puffed Rice]
लौंग [Clove]
छोटी इलायची [Cardamom]
केसर [Saffron]
सिन्दूर [Vermilion]
कुंकुम [Kumkum]
फूल [Flowers]
गुलाब अथवा गेंदे की माला [Flower Garlands]
बंदनवार [Bandarwal]
पान के पत्ते [Betel Leaves]
सुपारी [Betal/ Areca Nuts]
कमलगट्टा [Lotus Seeds]
दो कमल [Two Lotus Flowers]
लक्ष्मी व गणेश की मूर्तियाँ [Goddess Laxshmi and Lord Ganesha Statues]
सोने अथवा चाँदी का सिक्का [Gold or Silver Coins]
कुछ रुपये पैसे (धन) [Rupees]
कलश [Urn/ Bowl]
सफेद वस्त्र [White Coth]
लाल वस्त्र [Red Cloth]
इत्र [Scent]
अगरबत्ती [Incense Sticks]
ग्यारह दीपक [11 lamps]
रुई [Cotton]
माचिस [Match Sticks]
तिल व सरसों का तेल [Mustard Oil or Sesame Oil]
शुद्ध घी [Pure Ghee]
दूध [Milk]
दही [Curd]
शहद [Honey]
पंचामृत (दूध, दही, शहद, घी व शुद्ध जल का मिश्रण)[Mixture of Milk,Curd,Ghee and Water]
मधुपर्क (दूध, दही, शहद व शुद्ध जल का मिश्रण) [Mixture of Milk, Curd, Honey and Water]
11 कौड़ी [11 Small Shells]
शंख [Conch Shell]
गंगा जल (शुद्ध जल) [Holy Water / GangaJal]
एक लकड़ी का पाटा [Wooden Stool]
अपने कारोबार से सम्वन्धित बही [Account Book and Pen]

हो सकता है की आपसे सभी सामग्री एकत्रित न हो पाए | श्रद्धा एवं सुलभता से जो मिले उसी से माँ लक्ष्मी का पूजन करें | घर – मंदिर में दिया बाती कर स्तोत्र पाठ अवश्य करें | आश्रितों को भेंट देवे |

Deepavali Puja Samagri
Deepavali Puja Samagri

Few Other Essentials used in Diwali Poojan

1. Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi Idols
2. Purchase new coins of Gold or Silver on which Goddess Lakshmi imprinted
3. Pair of dress for Laxmi Mata and GaneshJi
4. Chauki for placing the Idols
5. Books eg-accounts book, cash books, student subject books
6. Pen , InkPot especially black in color
7. Plates-3
8. Small Bowls 5-7
9. Dhoop and Agarbatti
10. Pure Ghee, Curd, Honey and Ganga Jal
11. Panchamitri which is actually a mixture of milk, curd, honey, ghee and Tulsi ki Patti
12. Turmeric Powder
13. Roli, Kalawaa, Scent
14. Kalash
15. 2 meter white and red cloth (each)
16. Handy towel
17. Kapoor, coconut with water and dry coconut also
18. Dry Fruits,Flowers including Lotus
19. Bataashe, Khaand ke Khilone, Sweets
20. Sarees
21. Kheel, Loung, choti Elaichi, Mango tree leaves
22. Kesar, Sindoor, Kumkum
23. Vandanvaar for entrance Gate
24. Sankha – Conch
25. Abhishek Patra
26. Utensil for keeping used water
27. 5 types of Fruits
28. Akshata (Rice Grains mixed with Kumkum) – (250 gms)
29. Chandan
30. Flowers for Dieties
31. Small / Big Diyas
32. Sesame oil / Mustard oil
33. Match box
34. Aarti Book

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