How to know whether a website is trustworthy or not

People cannot trust any website easily as there are many threats like viruses, phishing, spamming etc. especially in case of online transaction like online shopping, making money, banking websites and job portals. These websites ask you to enter some private information. So before proceeding further you should check if the website is trustable or not. You cannot trust a website by its design or at the first look but there are some tricks to know whether a website can be trusted or not. These methods to know the reliability of a website that I am going to share is based on my personal experience, they may or may not be helpful for you !

Tricks to know whether a website is trustworthy or not:

1.Design: I know it is not that important factor, but plays a vital role to analyze the facts. If a paid theme is used on a website than obviously you can trust a website for a while but you have to analyze other factors also. As a well designed website shows that the owner has spend money and put efforts to gain your trust.

2.WOT (Web of Trust): As the name indicates WOT helps you to take decision whether a website or the services provided by them are reliable or not. For this you have to install a browser add-on that represents the reputation of the website; calculated by using visitor rating, reviews etc. If Web of Trust shows green circle then you can trust the website. In case of a red, orange or yellow circles do not trust the website.

3.Fresh Content: The freshly updated content on a website shows that people behind it are still alive. So you can trust a website that has unique, correct and updated information.
4.Provide Proper Identity: You can trust those website whose authors provide proper identity like name, address, photograph or some videos.

5.Whois Lookup :You can check domain age, registration date, expiry date, mailing address, email id, contact person’s name and number. If domain is registered for long duration like for the next 5- 10 years that means webmaster is taking efforts for its growth. So you can trust such website.

How to know whether a website is trustworthy or not
How to know whether a website is trustworthy or not
6.Page rank: You can check the page rank of a website. Page rank exist between 0 – 10. Higher the rank represents the higher level of reliability.

7.Through Social Plug-ins: Through Social Plug-ins like Facebook fans, Facebook followers, twitter followers, Google recommends, Google circle you are able to know the number of followers who already trust on a website. This factor will help you to gain trust on a website. Large number of followers means more number of people who show their trust on a website.

8.About page: You can read About Page of a website to know about a website and its owner. This will help you to familiar with them and trust them.

9.Norton Safeweb: it is a service from Symantec that tell us how a particular website affects you and your system. For this you have to install a tool bar on your computer. If it show OK this means that a website is safe from any kind of threat.

10. McAfee SiteAdvisor: It is web security plug-in from McAfee that helps you to stay safe from threats. It represents the reputation of a website by simple red, yellow and green. Green one are safest, and red have some something wrong.

11. Spelling and Grammatical Error Free: Do not trust on a website with lots of spelling and grammatical error as it show people behind it are not serious with their work and may be use some tool to stole content from other websites or to convert content in English from other languages.

12. Read Reviews: You can read reviews of a websites given by different users on different blogs and forums and than decide whether to trust on a website or not.


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