Keyboard Shortcuts of Real Player for Windows Operating System

Real Player is available for all operating systems (OS) Windows, MAC, Linux, UNIX, Palm OS, Windows Mobile and Symbian. Real Player users will love this post as today I will share the Keyboard Shortcuts of Real Player. The real player is compatible with various formats including MP3, MPEG-4, QuickTime, Windows Media, and multiple versions of the Real Audio and Real Video formats.

Keyboard Shortcuts of Real Player for Windows OS :

1. CTRL+SHIFT+F4 – Fast Forward
2. CTRL+P – Play/Pause
3. CTRL+S – Stop
4. CTRL+R – Record
5. CTRL+F- Find
6. CTRL+O – Open file
7. CTRL+G – Add to Favorites
8. CTRL+I – View Clip Info
9. CTRL+H – Edit Clip Info
10. CTRL+L – Add Clips

Keyboard Shortcuts of Real Player for Windows Operating System

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11. CTRL+SHIFT+F3 – Rewind
12. CTRL+ left arrow – Previous Clip
13. CTRL + Right Arrow – Next Clip
14. CTRL+ Up arrow – Volume Up
15. CTRL+ Down Arrow – Volume Down
16. CTRL+[ – Seek Back
17. CTRL+] – Seek Forward
18. ALT+[ – 10X Seek Back
19. ALT+] – 10X Seek Forward
20. ALT+F4 – Close Window
21. ALT+M – Open Toolbar Menu
22. CTRL+SHIFT+S – Set record start point
23. CTRL+SHIFT+E – Set record end point
24. F1 – Help
25. F11 – Mute
26. F7 – Normal Mode
27. F8 – Toolbar Mode
28. F9 – Theater Mode
29. F12 – Next view
30. SHIFT+F12 – Previous view
31. CTRL+1 – Original Size
32. CTRL+2 – Double Size
33. CTRL+3 – Full Screen Theater Mode
34. CTRL+N – New Browser Window
35. CTRL+SHIFT+W – Go to Real Guide page
36. CTRL+SHIFT+L – Go to My Library page
37. CTRL+SHIFT+D – Go to Burn page
38. CTRL+SHIFT+C – Go to CD/DVD page
39. CTRL+SHIFT+N – Toggle Playlist pane
40. CTRL+SHIFT+M – Open Message Center
If you are using Mac Operating System then go to this post : Keyboard Shortcuts of Real Player for Mac OS.

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  • Shamol Kuece says:

    Is it better than KM player or VLC player? Can i play 3D video into real player? Many of the shortcuts are similar to the KMP but it seems different from VLC.

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