Keyboard Shortcuts for Twitter

Twitter is one of the most known and famous social networking website. Twitter has the largest number of members including famous personalities, actors and actresses, politicians, business men and of course general public with attractive twitter profile. Twitter is a place where you can tweet anything, share links or your views on any hot topics. Do you know that there are keyboard shortcuts for using various features of twitter? I have tried to mention most of them. These keyboard shortcuts for twitter are compatible with both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Twitter (Combination Key’s) :

1. G and H ——-> Navigate to Home Page
2. G and C ——-> Navigate to Connect
3. G and R ——-> Navigate to Mention
4. G and D ——-> Navigate to Discover
5. G and P ——-> Navigate to Profile
6. G and F ——-> Navigate to Favourite
7. G and M ——-> Navigate to Messages
8. G and U ——-> Navigate to Users

Keyboard Shortcuts for Twitter (Single Key’s) :

Keyboard Shortcuts for Twitter
Keyboard Shortcuts for Twitter

1. F ——-> To Make Favourite
2. R ——-> To Make Reply
3. T ——-> To Re-Tweet
4. M ——-> To Send Direct Message
5. N ——-> For New Tweet
6. L ——-> To Close the Opened Tweet
7. J ——-> To Navigate to the Next Tweet
8. K ——-> To Navigate to the Previous Tweet
9. / ——-> To Search Anything
10. Enter ——-> To See Tweet Details
11. Space ——-> To Move Downward on the Page
There are many more Keyboard Shortcuts for twitter, but I have tried to mention the most used and necessary ones. More will be added to the list soon.


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