Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Excel for all versions try and make your task easier

Excel is developed by Microsoft and it is a spreadsheet application. It is made up of grid which are cells consisting of rows and columns. Excel fulfills all the purposes like calculation, manipulation, display graphs, charts etc. So to use its functions easily try below mentioned Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Excel.

List of Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Excel with their functionality:

1. Ctrl+PgUp – Switch between worksheet tabs, from left-to-right
2. Ctrl+PgDn – Switch between worksheet tabs, from right-to-left
3. Ctrl+Shift+ (- Show hidden rows within the selection
4. Ctrl+Shift+) – Show hidden columns within the selection
5. Ctrl+Shift+& – Makes the outline border to the selected cells
6. Ctrl+Shift+_ – Removes the outline border from the selected cells
7. Ctrl+Shift+~ – Apply General number format
8. Ctrl+Shift+$ – Apply Currency format with two decimal places
9. Ctrl+Shift+% – Apply Percentage format with no decimal places
10. Ctrl+Shift+^ – Apply Exponential number format

Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Excel
Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Excel

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11. Ctrl+Shift+# – Show Date with the format day, month, and year.
12. Ctrl+Shift+@ – Show Time with the format hour and minute, and AM or PM
13. Ctrl+Shift+! – Apply Number format with two decimal places, show thousands separator, and minus sign (-) for negative values
14. Ctrl+Shift+* – Select current region around the active cell
15. Ctrl+Shift+: – Show current time
16. Ctrl+Shift+” – Copy value from the cell above the active cell into the Formula Bar
17. Ctrl+ Shift+ Plus – Open Insert dialog box to insert blank cells
18. CTRL+ Shift +Minus – Open Delete dialog box to delete the selected cells
19. Ctrl+; – Show the current date
20. Ctrl+` – Alternates between displaying cell values and displaying formulas in the worksheet
21. Ctrl+1 – Open Format Cells dialog box
22. Ctrl+2 or Ctrl+B – Apply or remove bold formatting
23. Ctrl+3 or Ctrl+I – Apply or remove italic formatting
24. Ctrl+4 or Ctrl+U – Apply or remove underlining
25. Ctrl+5 – Apply or remove strikethrough
26. Ctrl+8 – Show or hide the outline symbols
27. Ctrl+9 – Hide the selected rows
28. Ctrl+0 – Hide the selected columns
29. Ctrl+A – Select entire worksheet
30. Ctrl+C – Copy selected cells
31. Ctrl+X – Cut selected cells
32. Ctrl+F or SHIFT+F5 – Open Find and Replace dialog box
33. Ctrl+Shift+F or CTRL+SHIFT+P – Opens Format dialog Box
34. Ctrl+G or F5 – Open Go To dialog box.
35. Ctrl+H – Open Replace dialog box
36. Ctrl+K – Open Hyperlink dialog box
37. Ctrl+N – Create a new workbook
38. Alt+Shift+F1 – Insert a new worksheet
39. Ctrl+O – Display Open dialog box
40. Ctrl+P – Open Print dialog box
41. Ctrl+Shift+O – Selects all cells have comments
42. Shift+F2 – Adds or edits cell comment
43. Ctrl+S – Saves the active file
44. Ctrl+T – Open Create Table dialog box
45. Ctrl+Shift+U- Switch between expanding and collapsing of the formula bar
46. Ctrl+V – Paste contents of the Clipboard in the selected cell
47. Ctrl+Alt+V- Open Paste Special dialog box
48. Ctrl+W – Closes selected workbook
49. Ctrl+Y or F4 – Redo last command or action
50. Ctrl+Z – Undo the last command
51. Ctrl+F1 – Show or hide the Menu Ribbon
52. Ctrl+F2 – Open Print Preview window
53. Ctrl+F4 – Close selected workbook
54. Shift+F3 – Open Insert Function dialog box
55. Ctrl+F5 – Restore window size of the selected workbook
56. F1 – Open Microsoft Office Excel Help
57. F2 – Edit active cell and position the insertion point at the end of the cell contents
58. F3 – Open Paste Name dialog box
59. F7 – Open Spelling dialog box
60. F8 – Turns extend mode on or off
61. F10 – Turns key tips on or off
62. F12 – Open Save As dialog box
63. Shift+F6 – Switch between worksheet, Zoom controls, task pane, and menu Ribbon
64. Ctrl+F6 – Switch to the next workbook when more than one workbook open
65. Ctrl+F7 – Perform Move command on the workbook
66. Alt+F8 – Open Macro dialog box
67. Ctrl+F9 – Minimizes a workbook window to an icon
68. Ctrl+F10 – Maximizes selected workbook window
69. Shift+F10 – Open shortcut menu for a selected item
70. Ctrl+ Home – Move to Cell A1
Remembering these above Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Excel is not that difficult and most of them are similar to shortcut keys used in Microsoft Word.

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